What became of Spud, the inseparable friend of Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting

When the Scottish writer Irvine Welsh (63) published in 1993 ‘Trainspotting’, his debut, he probably did not imagine that it would become a literary phenomenon elevated to the category of cult work when Danny BoyleFascinated, he decided to take it to theaters just three years later. But the truth is that Welsh created a rough, dramatic generational portrait, with humorous overtones and a kind of happy ending that, when transferred to the big screen, was an unprecedented success.

Although it is no less true that it also generated a lot of controversy for putting before the eyes of the whole world a group of young heroin addicts, unemployed, drunk and addicted to soccer, sex and rock and roll who delivered politically incorrect messages at a time when the audience was probably not used to such a dose of reality.

In any case, Trainspotting, that this year turns 25, has become part of popular culture and so remembered is his story, like its protagonists or even its soundtrack. Among the cast of young actors who starred in the film, perhaps he stands out above all Ewan McGregor, but we must not forget either Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller o Kelly Macdonald. Y a Ewen Bremner.

Scottish actor (49) played Spud, the inseparable friend of Mark Renton (McGregor) and one of the characters that conquered the public ipso facto and starred in one of the most eschatological scenes in the history of cinema for which it is habitually questioned. In it, his character, after a night out, wakes up at the house of the girl he has spent the night with and has an embarrassing moment with his parents, as can be seen in the video.

“They still ask me what the substance of the breakfast scene was made of. It is why they ask me the most. People are fascinated with it. ‘Was it real shit?’ They ask me. And it amazes me that people believe that. We had to do that scene numerous times, and spraying three actors with actual excrement repeatedly would have been a bit excessive”, Bremner assured Radio X at the time about the mythical scene.

Obviously, his role in Trainspotting It is probably the most relevant of his entire career, at least in terms of repercussion, but if you dive a bit into his filmography you will realize that in his career there are renowned films and productions such as Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds (2000), Pearl Harbor (2001), Black Hawk Down (2001), Match Point (2005) or more recently Wonder Woman (2017) and the continuation of Trainspotting (2017). His work on television has also been quite abundant with more or less sporadic appearances and some more renowned roles in series.


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But if someone thinks that this actor, who can be perfectly considered as a luxury secondary, has put acting aside, nothing is further from the truth. Follow to the foot of the canyon participating in projects that have received critical and public support such as Fist Cow (2019), in rarities such as Gutterbee (2019) or in blockbusters like Wonder Woman 1984 (2020). His last released film is Creation Stories (2021) and currently has two projects underway in the cinema and is also shooting the series Our Flag Means Death para HBO Max.

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What became of Spud, the inseparable friend of Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting