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SINCE viral spirit doll among Indonesian artists, figure Furi Harun more attention to the public. Not just caring for the spirits, the 40-year-old woman is apparently also an indigo who can communicate with her foster children.

Curious about how he took care of these spirits? Let’s look at 5 facts about Furi Harun, the beautiful indigo adopter of the following spirit doll, quoted from various sources.

Foster 363 spirit dolls

If usually the caretaker of spirit dolls or spirit dolls only takes care of a few, Furi Harun chose to adopt 349 spirit dolls.

He also got the dolls from various countries, such as China, Thailand, America, and Italy. Now, he has joined the Indigo community where there are many collectors of spirit dolls.

“My current profession is probably more like a spirit dolls collector. Previously, I was active in the Indigo community, especially in Bali,” he said.

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Reveal the reason for having a spirit doll

Not arbitrarily wanting to collect spirit dolls, Furi admitted that he had his own reasons when raising hundreds of these spirit dolls.

Through his statement a while ago, Furi admitted that he wanted to care for and pray for the spirits of the children who were not at peace, so that they could return to the house of the Lord.

“The goal is to guide and pray for the spirits of children or fetuses who have been aborted. So that they can all return to God,” he said.

Educate like children in general

Taking care of hundreds of children alone may sound quite difficult. But in fact, Furi can do well. Not only providing facilities for the spirits, Furi even has to educate hundreds of these dolls like a baby growing up.

“The most important thing is that they are treated like foster children. We who adopt must be even better than before, if there is sustenance, it is better to set aside for people in need, if emotions are held back because foster children will imitate what their foster parents do,” he said.

Various backgrounds of ghosts

The spirits he got also seem to have quite unique backgrounds. During this time, Furi found various types of ghost behavior that traumatized his past.

He admitted, he had found various spirits who had been aborted by his parents or committed suicide.

“It’s just that for those who commit suicide, I don’t open communication. A bit possessive. If they were killed, thank God, it’s like Gan En (one of Furi’s foster dolls), they have returned (to God’s house),”

Artist Subscriptions

Not only collecting, now Furi chooses to open the adoption of spirit dolls. He did not choose just anyone. According to him, an adopter of a spirit doll must have a strong ability and commitment so that the risk of raising it is quite high.

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5 Unexpected Facts about Furi Harun, Beautiful Indigo Woman Mami Spirit Doll : Okezone Celebrity