After going viral, Ndarboy maintains the existence of Javanese pop through album: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Singer Ndarboy whose real name is Helarius Daru Indrajaya (Daru) was successful after going viral with a song titled Mendung Tanpo Udan. Now, he is trying to maintain his existence by releasing an album entitled Cidro Asmoro.

The release of the album was used when the momentum of Javanese pop was being loved by music lovers, supported by massive social media. Ndarboy presents Cidro Asmoro in a special package with a limited release in the form of a physical album boxset.

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According to Ndarboy, Cidro Asmoro’s lyrics and songs have been written for two years. The 10-song album, which comes from a true story, explores the journey of an injured and miserable love story, then performed with lyrics and a typical Ndarboy-style Javanese dangdut pop arrangement ( Campursari).

“Overall, the album tells the process of travel, meeting, romance (asmoro), breaking promises (cidro), heartache, divinity, puppetry, nature and culture, and then in the end sincerity. How much better to listen in sequence from track 1 to 10 , then you will be taken into an extraordinary journey story, “said Ndarboy.

Cidro Asmoro’s album will also offer the maximum audio-visual experience. The plan is that the 10 songs will be released into a series of video clips that will be released from January 2022 to October 2022 (one month one song), as well as being circulated one song at a time every month on digital music outlets such as Spotify etc.

“After every month, one song will be released along with its video clip, the concept is a music video series. Some of the leaked songs are ‘Dalan Gronjal’, ‘Goodbye Lover’, and ‘Koyo Jogja Istimewa’. Honestly, the three songs are the most memorable and made an impression on Cidro Asmoro’s album,” said Ndarboy.

Through Cidro Asmoro’s album, Ndarboy also has a special message to the people of Indonesia, that it’s time for dangdut to be more appreciated because it is not segmented music anymore, especially Javanese pop dangdut which he has been carrying. In addition, according to him, the existence of musicians must also be realized with real works.

“I want dangdut not only to be known just because it is viral on social media and based on views on YouTube only. In my opinion, good artists are artists who still have to have ‘finished works’, are monumental, and can be stored properly by the public, especially fans. The point is, through Cidro Asmoro, I want to prove to everyone, Jowo iso! As well as being a witness to my artistic career so far, “explained the man from Pandak, Bantul, this.


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After going viral, Ndarboy maintains the existence of Javanese pop through album: Okezone Celebrity