Dado, now it is a battle in court in Rome. Molteni’s lawyers: “Without an agreement we will go on”

Roma, per Dice a Christmas different from the others is expected: the comedian and stand-up comedian may have to wait until the second half of January to find out whether or not he will go to trial on charges of aggravated defamation. This is what emerged from the hearing this morning, in court in Piazzale Clodio.

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It all started two years ago, when the comedian and stand-up comedian, real name Gabriele Pellegrini, had accused her daughter’s ex-boyfriend in an interview, Federico Molteni, who was then a minor, of stalking, threats and even beating him causing him to break his nose. The charges against the boy were dismissed by the prosecutor a month ago and the prosecutor, ex officio, had proceeded with the accusation of aggravated defamation against the comedian.

This morning the first hearing was held on the request for indictment, but everything is postponed to next January. In between, it will be necessary to wait until 14 December, the date scheduled for the civil mediation session regarding the request for damages in favor of Federico Molteni, assisted by the civil lawyer Pasquale Landolfi. If a civil agreement is reached, the complaint will be remitted. Conversely, everything will be postponed to the next hearing for the indictment, scheduled for January 18.

After this morning’s hearing, Dice he explained to AdnKronos: «Molteni’s lawyers made yet another slalom, trying to move the matter from criminal to civil with a claim for damages. The request for indictment against me is not feasible, two accusations against me have already been dropped, including that of slander and only that of defamation in the press has remained standing “.

At Leggo, thePasquale Landolfi lawyer he replies as follows: «The civil case refers to the case of Federico Molteni, that of the parents is another story because there would be accusations, especially against the father, which could be slanderous. Mediation is a preliminary activity to the civil case. Here is a given objective: the hearing serves to establish whether Mr. Pellegrini is worthy of going to trial and it will not be he who establishes it, but the judge. I would also like to clarify another fact: every accusation against Federico Molteni, who was a minor at the time, was dismissed ”.

The civil lawyer who assists the boy then spoke about the possible future scenarios of the judicial battle. “If the judge decides not to send him to trial, we will take note and everything will move to civil proceedings. The prerequisite for obtaining compensation is that someone has committed an unjust deed which resulted in damage, as provided for in Article 2043 of the Civil Code. If a crime is ascertained and harmful consequences derive from it, it is clear that the premise is the very existence of the crime “- explains the lawyer Landolfi -” Today there is a hypothesis that we cannot totally define far-fetched if the prosecutor has considered to ask for indictment. If there is an agreement on the damages, then we will not continue with the criminal cases. If, on the other hand, Mr. Pellegrini wants to go ahead and face the trial, we will deal with the criminal and civil cases. The procedural truth says that there are no elements to establish that Federico Molteni was guilty of stalking and assault, as also established by the dismissal ordered by the judicial authorities “.

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Dado, now it is a battle in court in Rome. Molteni’s lawyers: “Without an agreement we will go on”