GF Vip, episode of January 3: Carmen, Soleil and Nathalie in nomination. Eva Grimaldi eliminated

GF Vip, episode of January 3: Carmen, Soleil and Nathalie in nomination. Eva Grimaldi eliminated. Kabir Bedi enters the house as a new competitor, but the entrance is obscured by very heavy quarrels which followed one another among the various protagonists of the house. To find out what happened on Monday evening, there is the minute-by-minute news

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01.37 The thirty-first episode of Big Brother Vip ends here. live will be back on Monday 10 January 2022. Thank you for being with us

01.33 Signorini announces the nominees of the week: Carmen, Soleil and Nathalie. The most voted VIP will be the only one who is sure to be safe

01.33 Giucas appoints Nathalie

01.18 Katia and Davide – Nathalie

01.13 Alessandro – Lulu. Manila – Jessica

01.13 Barù names Nathalie because “She hides the pizza in her underwear”. It’s all really surreal

01.10 Signorini really fed up announces that he will ask Big Brother to take measures for the heavy words used by the competitors in the episode

01.08 Soleil nomination is Gianmaria. Giacomo and Valeria nominate Miriana but Marini dissociates. Nathalie appoints Carmen. Sophie – Soleil. Lulù – Soleil, with the princess who insults Soleil while she returns to the house and even a live swear word escapes her

01.03 Federica – Carmen, Soleil begins to make her nomination but a new overlap of rumors starts, Signorini is furious and threatens to close the connection. Soleil agrees saying “It’s obscene”, but Signorini scolds her: “Look, it’s obscene on your part too”

01.00 Miriana appoints Soleil, Gianmaria – Giacomo, Jessica – Soleil, Carmen – Nathalie, Manuel – Soleil

00.50 The immune of the pundits is Barù

00.49 The immunes of this week are: Katia, Giucas, Manila, Davide and Alessandro. But next Monday there will be no elimination

00.47 It’s time for the nominations, but Giucas interrupts everyone because he has to go to the bathroom.

00.43 Biagio agrees to go into quarantine to hug Miriana

00.39 Valeria Marini: «Nobody can judge anyone’s feelings, I was afraid that you would play with her», Biagio: «You don’t know me and you can’t judge me. Giacomo you were right to apologize to Miriana, what you said is pure fiction I made two phone calls and it’s just bullshit, you said some disgusting things, you must have certain proof – then talking to Giucas – In my absence you call me quaquaraqua , you give Miriana some advice from a father, you have seen me, you know me and you know that I am for the truth and not for bullshit ». Giucas: “I saw a plane aimed at you and I changed my mind”

00.37 Biagio compared with Soleil, Urtis, Valeria and Giucas: «Sole you have been consistent because you respected our relationship but don’t call her a mantis anymore. I have opened with you ». Soleil: “But did you see what this woman and mother, as you say, said to me?”

00.34 Urtis: “I wanted to apologize to Miriana because I know they are private things and I am a friend of Soleil and we were confiding in each other”

00.34 Signorini shows a clip of Giacomo who throws heavy accusations on Miriana saying that she was out with a friend of hers and that she was buying expensive gifts. Miriana comments: “All this disgusts me”

00.31 For a change, the clash between Soleil and Miriana starts, the two talk over each other

00.26 The page is turned. Clip on Biagio and Miriana and the comments of the tenants of the house

00.20 The eliminated of this 31st episode is Eva Grimaldi

GF Vip, insults fly off the air. Lulu attacks Soleil: “Shut up stupid you don’t know anything”

00.14 Kabir Bedi enters the house: he is officially a new competitor

23.56 Back to the outcome of the televoting, Federica is saved

23.53 Belli: «You took the two of spades from Soleil. I know Delia so well that an American smiley eats it for breakfast. Don’t talk about me anymore and we’ll put a stone on it “

23.51 Basciano: «It is he who attacks me. You have nothing to do with me, you are not even a nail of who I am, if I had a minimum of my life experiences … I have nothing to do with Soleil, I have declared myself to a person who interests me very”

23.49 They keep screaming and saying to each other silently: “You broke your pa ** e”, Basciano yells

23.47 The two meet on the catwalk and start arguing Basciano calls him “Buffoon and ridicule”, Belli “American Smile and go back to your seat”

23.41 Kabir Bedi is about to enter the house, meanwhile Alex Belli wants a face to face with Alessandro Basciano

23.20 Clip on the triangle Basciano, Sophie and Jessica

GF Vip, violent quarrel between Katia Ricciarelli and Miriana Trevisan who screams: “You make me sick, I’m going away”

23.10 Finally the expected meeting with the “husband” as defined by Eva Grimaldi Imma Battaglia, who is in the garden: «All those who have lost you in life have been unlucky. I want to die before you because life without you makes no sense. I take advantage of Big Brother to appeal to Draghi: Make the law on equalitarian marriage, I want to marry you every day. Eva is the light, she gives me the meaning of life ». An appeal that Signorini also subscribes

22.53 At one point Eva also had problems with alcoholism “When you find yourself abandoned overnight at 50, he said to me” I married Eva Grimaldi and I find myself with a housewife “, for me it was like a sword, then c ‘was this child who was not born. In Fabrizio (the ex-husband) I cheated him about the age in front of the priest he discovered my actual age, there maybe I had to be more consistent. The addiction to alcohol began after the marriage ended. One night in Verona I took a bottle of wine and went to a friend of mine in Milan, then I returned and left for Africa. I volunteer for a month, when I come back the problem was still there, I drank a lot and I compared myself with other women who had the same problem as me “

22.46 Eva Grimaldi in mystery tells her past and one of her tragedies due to the breast: «I did it 8 times because of a septicemia. When they called me a sex symbol, I was walking around with only one breast. Life gives you so many obstacles but I am a strong person. I did it because they told me I had to be more presentable, in the 80s it was more important to appear than to be, I still feel lucky. My family taught me values ​​and respect and there is little in this house “

22.41 There is an incredible confusion, it is difficult to finish a speech

22.38 Carmen: «It is a very serious fracture between the two, there is no common sense. For a matter of personality, age and education, there are ways to keep in mind “

22.35 Katia: «I’m not angry with anyone, I’m tired of lies. The Lady (Miriana ed.) Was in my room telling me she was helping me, 40 minutes later she appoints me, I’m tired of hypocrisy and lies. First she used to say that my son hears that I say “santarellina” and this must not happen and then I wanted to tell her and you are not afraid that he will see … (and he refers to the story of Miriana and Biagio) ». Miriana is black and goes to the door “You make me sick I want to go out.”

22.32 We go to advertising but in the meantime there is Lulu screaming at Soleil, while Miriana argues with Katia. Trevisan feels offended as a mother “You don’t tell me shut up, don’t allow yourself”

GF Vip, the drama of Eva Grimaldi: «Forced to redo my breasts to work. I’ve been an alcoholic “

22.26 Meanwhile Imma Battaglia on the catwalk for a surprise to his wife Eva Grimaldi

22.23 Soleil accuses the princesses of falsehood and Lulu who replies: “The ox that gives horns to the donkey”. Manuel comes out as always: “These are words spoken by two women who have to resolve each other”

22.17 Clarissa: “Manila disappointed me because she complained to everyone in the kitchen and didn’t speak to Lulu”, Manila: “When there was to wash the dishes I was alone, Lulu said she was sad, she turns around, if he goes and asks Giacomo to do it ». Katia: «I suffer when I see a person like Manila, who is the pivot of the house, who cries like that because two girls didn’t even deign to say we dissociate, I defended her. Maybe I took the wrong way but I don’t change my mind “

22.14 Clarissa in comparison with Katia and Manila, the confrontation lights up. Katia leaves the comparison “I feel bad, I don’t make a comparison like that”

22.11 Katia: «With us you are a carrion it is not a bad thing, I confirm what I said, I’m sorry, I take responsibility for it and I am willing to pay it. Because they do all these things behind them “

09.22 Manila: «Manuel, with Aldo and Gianmaria were my points of reference. Manuel is a special being for me. It is clear that at least a pat on the back would count a lot. With Lulu I clarified, from Jessica nothing. As for Clarissa’s post, it hurt me a lot because it was a violent post and I’m structured and resolved “

22.07 In the Clip Ricciarelli accuses the princesses of being spoiled and of “carrion”. Lulu: «I have been told worse things and we have never insulted anyone. Manuel has a lot of stress and nobody can tell him what to do ». Jessica: “We don’t want to make any war, Katia sometimes starts in fifth”

22.03 We return to talk about the clash between Clarissa and Manila that took place last Monday: Gf Vip, Clarissa attacks Manila who bursts into tears: “We are in total madness”

21.59 In the studio Alex Belli against Basciano for the statements about his wife a few days ago

21.57 The first competitor to save is: Barù

21.56 Televoto closed, nominated: Alessandro Basciano, Barù, Eva Grimaldi and Federica Calemme

21.52 Connection with the house and clips on the New Year celebrations

21.47 Laura Freddi in the studio to replace Sonia Bruganelli on vacation with her family in Dubai: «The others on vacation and I work. I’m an ex of Non è la Rai, ex of Bonolis … but I’m Laura Freddi », jokes the showgirl

21.44 Alfonso Signorini in the studio

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gfvip diretta laura freddi kabir bedi 03175556

Momentary changing of the guard among the commentators of the Big brother Vip: alongside the conductor, only for this evening, Laura Freddi who for the occasion will sit next to Adriana Volpe. It is not the only new entry in this thirty-first episode.

Toasts, quarrels, confrontations and passionate kisses under the mistletoe: the “Vipponi” lived the unique experience of living the New Year in the Cinecittà loft. Together with their fellow adventurers they welcomed 2022 but, even on this festive occasion, there was no lack of discussions and quarrels that continue between long faces and clashes.

In the House there will be a new entrance: that of the actor Kabir Bedi. Biagio D’Anelli, eliminated last week, was able to see from the outside what was said about him while he was in the House. Nominated: Alessandro Basciano, Barù, Eva Grimaldi and Federica Calemme.

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GF Vip, episode of January 3: Carmen, Soleil and Nathalie in nomination. Eva Grimaldi eliminated