Gf Vip, in the night Soleil unloads Alex Belli: «Go, they are c … yours». But she too did like Delia

Continue to soap opera in the House of the GF Vip, signed Alex Belli, Soleil Sorge and Delia Duran. If yesterday Signorini addressed the issue of betrayal on the contrary, with Delia who has kissed another (according to many fake ones, including Belli), went on tonight in the House “the film“. As always, after the episode Alex e Sun they found each other seated around the table to chat about what happened during the evening. Alex explained to her friend that either stay and leave Delia or go out and fix things.

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A doubt that it will accompany in the next three days, until he has to give the answer official at GF Vip 6. The contestants did not seem particularly shaken by the news of the extension, unlike last year with desperate people with their legs in the air. This is because they were preparations and they had already figured it out. Now they will have to to choose. “I’m at a crossroads – says Alex -: either I go out and set the record straight with Delia or I call her and tell her that our story is over. Those things I saw tonight don’t represent me. I’m not going to go on another three months in here with those things that happen there”.

Belli did not like the paparazzi from Delia with another, which he reputed fake and built. “It’s not who I am,” he explained. He doesn’t want to feel guilty if he loves Soleil: he has therefore gone from falling in love to I love you. So yes it is amazed and amazed at Delia’s direction out of the House, despite the fact that he admitted to another woman that he had fell in love her.

However, for Soleil and Alex it is normal to have feelings and physical attraction for a friend: they said it last night, sending on a rampage Katia Ricciarelli. In the event that Alex stays and leaves Delia it is clear that the soap opera would move into phase next: Alex and Soleil together, maybe? But what do you think instead?

Soleil’s words throw off: «This doesn’t make sense goods. What I tell you, ruin her and ruin you, it’s just bad let me tell you. And I don’t want to get into a triangle. In one, as they say, such a disgusting situation. I don’t want to get dirty with such a scene. No offense, but it’s your marriage. “

While Alex said that those things do not belong to him, Soleil put him in front of the reality of the facts: “It belongs to you, it is yours wife. I am also ca..i yours because it is your program, it is your moment ». Belli would like to distance himself from his wife’s fake gossip, but her artistic friend didn’t let him do it easily. Alex blurted out: “I’m in here at the mercy of ste ca … or bullshit, come on.” So Soleil has downloaded definitively the friend: “Go then”.

In all this, however, even Soleil is proving to have a short memory. Last night in fact did judged with not much words to read photos of Delia with another. While Alex was not for nothing shaken, because for him it was all fake, Soleil used strong terms against his wife of his “artistic” friend. He also attacked Duran explaining to Alex the difference between the two of them: Alex does everything under the cameras, while Delia does it when he can’t see: which is unacceptable to her. Too bad that Soleil did the same years ago: while Luca Onestini, at his time fiance, was in the House, she met and it is fiancée with Marco Cartasegna.

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Gf Vip, in the night Soleil unloads Alex Belli: «Go, they are c … yours». But she too did like Delia