Gomorrah, for the New York Times among the best international series of 2021

Gomorrah again in the prestigious New York Times year-end ranking on the best shows. The Sky Original series produced by Cattleya already in 2016 had been included in 3rd place in the same ranking of the authoritative American newspaper and in 2019 in 5th place among the best international (non-US) productions of the last 10 years, again for the New York Times .

Gomorrah 5, the showdown: the last act on Sky. “We gave and took everything”

All this while in Italy on Sky it is airing the final season was very successful, with the highly anticipated final episodes scheduled for December 17th. The latest act that the Americans will soon see on HBO Max, while they have recently been able to enjoy seasons 3 and 4. In this recent ranking of the NYT Gomorrah is one of the very few non-English-language productions to have been selected by the US newspaper, underlines Sky.

A new certificate for Gomorrah which, since its debut on Sky in 2014, has collected public and critical accolades and has conquered more than 190 territories in the world, obtaining numerous awards and contributing decisively to redefine the standards of Italian seriality. A story still able to compete at the highest level with numerous and acclaimed international series launched on the market, thanks to the quality of production, writing and a cast of extraordinary talents.

Now the Sky series, born from an idea of ​​Roberto Saviano and based on his novel of the same name published by Mondadori, he starts the final act, with the new ten new episodes shot in Naples, Riga and Rome, written by the head writers Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli, who also sign the series subject with Roberto Saviano and with the screenwriters Valerio Cilio and Gianluca Leoncini.

The first 5 episodes and the ninth are directed by Marco D’Amore, episodes 6, 7, 8 and 10 by Claudio Cupellini, at the helm since the beginning of the series. Both are also artistic supervisors. In the cast Salvatore Esposito with an epic interpretation of Genny Savastano, forced into hiding, in a bunker, at the end of the fourth season.

Alongside Marco D’Amore for the great return to the scene by Ciro Di Marzio, believed dead at the end of the third season and – as revealed by the film The Immortal – sensationally returned to the scene, revived, in Latvia. With them Ivana Lotito in the role of Azzurra, who abandoned by Genny will do everything to keep little Pietro safe, away from his father and everything he represents, and Arturo Muselli who returns to play Enzo Sangue Blu, the former king di Forcella devoured by guilt for having seen too many comrades die because of him.

In the cast also Domenico «Mimmo» Borrelli (5 is the perfect number, The equilibrium) is Don Angelo known as ‘O Maestrale, Tania Garribba (The First King, All my crazy love) plays Donna Luciana, the wife of’ O Maestrale , in the role of ‘O Munaciello, one of the leaders of Secondigliano, Carmine Paternoster (Gomorra, L’vallo), and again Antonio Ferrante (I prefer the sound of the sea, All the money in the world) and Nunzia Schiano (Dogman, Reality, Benvenuti to the South), respectively interpreting Vincenzo Garignano known as’ O Galantommo, an elderly boss of a small town on the slopes of Vesuvius, and Nunzia, a proud and tireless woman, his devoted wife for almost fifty years.

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Gomorrah, for the New York Times among the best international series of 2021