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JAKARTA– Career Amanda Manopo increasingly bright through the soap opera Ikatan Cinta in 2021. This year, the actor Andin also received several awards for his acting in the hit soap opera RCTI.

Not only career matters, love life Amanda Manopo also in the spotlight this year. The 22-year-old woman is known to have broken up with Billy Syahputra last April.

Three months later, Amanda Manopo had to lose her loved one again. His mother, Henny Manopo, passed away in July 2021.

To find out more, here Okezone summarizes 4 kaleidoskop2021 about Amanda Manopo:


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1. Get Many Awards Through the Bond of Love

Amanda Manopo’s acting in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta doesn’t need to be doubted. Thanks to his expertise, he has received several domestic and international awards. Some of them are Digital Darling Female Indonesian Digital Awards 2021, Most Popular Sinetron Actress 2021 Indonesian Television Awards (ITA) 2021, Best Actress at the 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards, to the 2021 Asian Star Prize Seoul International Drama Awards.

2. Break up with Billy Syahputra

Amanda Manopo is known to have had an affair with Billy Syahputra in mid-2020. The news was quite surprising to the public, even the actress was known to have shot Olga Syahputra’s sister first.

Even though it was hit by slanted rumors related to the issue fake, the two often show their affection. Not infrequently the two of them support each other’s careers by accompanying filming.

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However, their relationship did not last long, Amanda Manopo and Billy Syahputra reportedly broke up in April 2021. This was known after Billy Syahputra deleted the photo of the actress and unfollowed her.

Then in May 2021, Amanda Manopo began to open up about the news. He admitted that he had broken up with Billy Syahputra. In fact, he admitted that his ex-lover was the one who decided first.

“Can I answer honestly or not? What is certain is that it was decided. The reason for breaking up was because it was not suitable,” said Amanda Manopo at the time.

3. Losing the Mama

Amanda Manopo must lose her mother, Henny Manopo forever. The woman who gave birth to him died on July 25, 2021. The news was originally announced by the actress’ manager, Ricco Richaro.

“Mommy is not sick, mommy is calm in heaven. Lord Jesus takes care of mommy. I will always take care of Manda as long as I promise to tell mommy. Love you, Mi,” said Ricco at the time.

Before she died, Amanda Manopo’s mother was also known to have been critical after being exposed to COVID-19. The presence of comorbid diabetes triggered the mother of two children to have a stroke and was in critical condition in the ICU.

4. Rumored to have a replacement for Billy Syahputra

Amanda Manopo often expresses her longing after her mother died. In August 2021, he also had time to share a small photo with his mother. But interestingly in the photo caption, he also seems to have hinted that he has a replacement for Billy Syahputra. Because he wants to introduce someone who makes him comfortable to his mother, but he doesn’t have time.

“It’s been a month since mommy left. Time has passed so quickly, there are many things that have not been passed together,” wrote Amanda Manopo in August 2021.

“There is something that Manda hasn’t introduced to mommy that makes Manda feel comfortable,” he continued.

Unfortunately, Amanda did not explain who she meant.

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Kaleidoscope 2021: Amanda Manopo, Career Getting Smoother in the Bond of Love to Grief to Lose Mama : Okezone Celebrity