Kaleidoscope 2021: Anji Goes to Jail, Marijuana Frustrates the Musician : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Musician Anji feel the year 2021 with a bitter taste. Not only was there a lack of jobs due to the pandemic, Anji had to go to jail because he was caught consuming marijuana-type narcotics.

Anji was arrested while in his studio, which is located in one of the luxury housing estates in the Cibubur area, on Friday, June 11, 2021. Anji was arrested by the West Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Unit 1 under the leadership of the AKP Kanit Harry Gasgari.

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From the arrest, the police confiscated evidence in the form of 1 plastic clip with the word Choco Haze containing 7 rolls of marijuana weighing 1.33 grams, 1 plastic clip with the word Banana Crush containing 1 roll of marijuana weighing 0.15 grams. The police also confiscated 1 plastic clip containing marijuana leaf extract weighing 0.79 grams, 12 rolls of paper or thin paper, 1 pack of dynamite brand papyrus.

Anji was later named a suspect and had to be held at the West Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters. From the results of the assessment, Anji was then taken to the East Jakarta RSKO for rehabilitation.

In November 2021, Anji received a verdict from the court. The panel of judges at the West Jakarta District Court, Anji, received a sentence of 4 months of rehabilitation.

In Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast, Anji shares a room with comedian Coki Pardede who also has drug problems. Anji admitted that initially he was placed alone in the VIP room. But in the end he chose to move and share a room with the comedian.

“So, at the place where I rehab at the RSKO, there are classes. At first, I was alone, but I felt lazy, I’m lazy to be alone, I want to have friends so I can feel the same suffering,” said Anji, quoted from Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel, Monday (15/11/2021).

For Anji, who lives his daily life with Coki in the rehabilitation center, the original comic character is very different from his image on social media. Wina Natalia’s husband even mentioned that he often talked to Coki.

Despite undergoing rehabilitation, Anji also feels frustrated. Being in a place far from his family made him give up smoking marijuana.

For Anji, being arrested by the police was the heaviest effect he experienced when he consumed marijuana. “I’ve had the most severe side effects of marijuana. Seized. That’s the most severe effect of marijuana,” said Anji as quoted from the YouTube channel Deddy Corbuzier, Monday (15/11/2021).

The effect of being arrested by the police, said Anji, does not only affect himself. But also to his family, work team, to his career and work as a musician. “Just no excuses, there’s no more reason for me to use (marijuana) anymore,” he said.

Anji also shared how he finally decided to stop using marijuana. “Now, because I want to. What I’ve learned is that it’s for users, abusers, and addicts, they won’t recover if it’s not from themselves, for example,” he said.

“I don’t want to be arrested again. What about my work contract, what about my team, my family too,” said the 43-year-old musician.

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Kaleidoscope 2021: Anji Goes to Jail, Marijuana Frustrates the Musician : Okezone Celebrity