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JAKARTA – RCTI is back with X Factor Indonesia which is one of the big brands in the world-class talent search event.

Comeback in 2021 and hosted by renowned host, Robby Purba, X Factor Indonesia comes with a fresh look along with the combination and collaboration of a line of judges as well as renowned mentors.

The five names chosen to be judges on X Factor Indonesia this year are Anang Hermansyah, Rossa, Ariel ‘Noah’, BCL and Judika. The selection of these five famous Indonesian singers and musicians as a panel of judges and mentors, was mentioned by Dini Putri as RCTI’s Programming & Acquisition Director with special considerations considering many factors. One of them is experience in the Indonesian music industry.

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“This jury cannot stand alone, but must be a team. The people we choose are definitely caliber, that’s the first point. Not only that, but also his experience and involvement in the program is number one,” said Dini Putri when met by MNC Portal Indonesia, Thursday (9/12/2021) at the X Factor Indonesia Press Conference, at MNC Studios, Jakarta.

Dini added that the selection of Anang, BCL, Judika, Rossa to Ariel NOAH for the X Factor class program was also seen from the side of the chemistry between the judges.

“The chemistry with each other at the time of the show, there is a goal that we have to show. Why is it so important for our set of judges to know each and every one of their individual characters? Their chemistry is unquestionable as well as their commitment to producing winners.”

Meanwhile, Fremantle as the holder of the broadcasting and commercial rights of X Factor Indonesia, stated that the presence of X Factor Indonesia this year is a moment that is highly awaited by talented Indonesian music talents.

“We believe that X Factor Indonesia will succeed optimally following the success of the X Factor in dozens of other countries, such as the United States, Australia, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, South Africa, Thailand, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, because only the X Factor we are looking for special talents that have an X factor that other contestants don’t have, it can be a unique voice, vocal technique, the ability to sing various musical genres, and so on. This will be the key to the success of X Factor Indonesia, so that RCTI viewers look forward to the arrival of X Factor Indonesia with a more interesting concept and fun mentors to watch,” concluded Victor Ariesza, Co Managing Director of Fremantle.

Not only young people but also providing opportunities for people over 27 years old to unlimited age as long as they are healthy and capable. Not only for solo but also open for duo or group. This is the main difference between X Factor and other shows of its kind.


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List of 5 Judges and Mentors of X Factor Indonesia : Okezone Celebrity