Masterchef 11, direct first episode: the masterclass is formed between tears and laughter

Masterchef 11, direct first episode: the masterclass is formed between tears and laughter. Starting tonight on Sky and streaming on NOW, the cooking show produced by Endemol Shine Italy is back. Thousands of people showed up for casting and we will follow minute by minute on

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During this first phase of MasterChef Italy, the cooks will have a pantry at their disposal to retrieve the necessary ingredients, after which they will have to make a dish by completing it in front of Chef Barbieri, Chef Cannavacciuolo and Chef Locatelli, with the aim of impressing and conquering the three judges: it will take at least two yes, for their part, to access the next phase of the selections, the fearsome Skill Tests. Here, the aspiring competitors will be divided into 3 groups and each group will have to face a technical test personally chosen by each judge. Also this year, moreover, the judges will have the opportunity to bet personally on a competitor, by putting their signature on his apron.

During the Skill Tests, whoever proves to have technique, originality and taste, will conquer the apron with the name and will access the Masterclass, whoever falls, instead, will return home. Finally, those who have still left some doubts in the judges will have one last chance: the Final Challenge, the last chance to access the Masterclass. This year’s will be full of singular, unique and very strong personal stories, but also cosmopolitan and with a strong international flair to demonstrate, once again, how this is one of the keys with which the future of Italian cuisine will develop.

Once the Masterclass with its 20 components has been created, the classic challenge will begin according to the well-established mechanism well known by the public: thrilling tests, adrenaline-pumping challenges and many twists, for a competition based on the purest talent and creativity of the competitors who they dream of becoming professional chefs.

The inscrutable and surprising Mystery Boxes are back – which this year will reserve a novelty -, the Invention Test to unleash all the imagination and inventiveness of the cooks, the dreaded Pressure Test with its tests full of tension, and the Skill Test , the “surprise exam” that will involve all the competitors, without exclusions, put to the test on a specific skill requested by the judges.

Many illustrious guests, the starred chefs and the great international chefs arriving this season in the kitchen of this edition of MasterChef Italia: among others, Marie Robert, who won her first Michelin star at the age of 30; Anissa Helou, one of the most famous Middle Eastern cooking experts in the world; Lele Usai, the sailor chef with a Michelin star; Terry Giacomello is back, the experimental chef who aspires to innovation; Andreas Caminada, the king of Swiss cuisine with 3 Michelin stars; Enrico Crippa, 3 Michelin stars and his restaurant among the 50 best in the world. And then there will be the highly anticipated arrival of Maestro Iginio Massari, who, as always, will be the protagonist of the real bogeyman most feared by all the Masterclasses, the pastry test.

In addition, the outdoor tests are also returning, which will put aspiring chefs to the test, for their very first experience of working in a real brigade. Among others, the kitchens of the cooking show will come alive in Trentino, where aspiring chefs will have to cook for the workers employed in haymaking, and in Trieste, which hosted both the outdoor rehearsal and the Pressure in the spectacular Miramare castle.

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Masterchef 11, direct first episode: the masterclass is formed between tears and laughter