Masterchef Italia, composed the Masterclass: here are the 20 aspiring chefs

Masterchef Italia: here are the 20 aspiring chefs of the Masterclass. Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli have chosen the 20 amateur chefs who from next week will battle with talent, creativity and skill in the dishes and in the kitchen.

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The new edition of Masterchef Italia is a cosmopolitan, heterogeneous, eclectic Masterclass with many international ideas within it. Next Thursday, December 30th, at 9.15 pm on Sky and streaming on NOW, at the start of the first real challenge of this season, and every moment – and every ingredient – will be decisive in order to remain in the competition in the kitchens of MasterChef Italia.

Three insidious Skill Tests and one last very hard Final Challenge, but now finally this year’s Masterclass is composed: Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli have chosen the 20 amateur chefs who will battle with talent from next week, of creativity and skill in the dishes and in the kitchen of MasterChef Italia.

And for the second evening of the cooking show produced by Endemol Shine Italy for Sky, last night on Sky Uno / + 1 and on demand, the success of the debut is confirmed: an average of 852 thousand average spectators, 3.2% share and 1,138 .230 contacts, with a clear increase both compared to the debut (+ 11%) and compared to the same evening last year (+ 10%). In detail, the first episode totaled 918 thousand spectators and 3% share, with a very high 72% permanence and 1,272,865 contacts (+ 3% compared to last week and + 10% on the same episode last season); the second reached 785 thousand average spectators, with 3.4% share, a super 78% permanence and 1,003,594 contacts (+ 21% compared to the debut and another + 10% compared to the same episode last season ,). In short, an extraordinary start for the show, also confirmed by the excellent results over the seven days: the debut figure, which had scored an average evening of 769 thousand spectators, more than doubled during the week, reaching 1,705,421 spectators medium.


For the 20 aspiring chefs, getting their name stitched on the white apron was not easy. The competitors promoted in the first step of the selections were divided, based on the gaps shown at the debut, into 3 groups, each of which had to face a Skill Test designed personally by a judge. Chef Locatelli started, who wanted to stimulate the originality and creativity of the aspiring competitors: their mission consisted in the preparation of a burrito, to be rolled correctly especially by inserting the right combinations of flavors inside. Passed test and personal apron won for 21-year-old radiology student Nicholas; for Elena, 54 years old born in Milan and now in Ravenna; and Rita, the 51-year-old Catania hotel entrepreneur; Anna, 30 years old physiotherapist and nutritionist; Tina, a 39-year-old supermarket clerk, born in Naples and now in Piacenza; and Gabriele, for all Polone, 34-year-old security officer from Anzio, near Rome. Bruno, a 64-year-old sales agent from Parma, also passes by; and Tracy, 31 years old of Nigerian origins and now in Vallese di Oppeano (Verona). Chef Barbieri recognized Mery’s stubbornness and tenacity who, despite her burrito being incomplete and Cannavacciuolo and Locatelli’s no, with the apron signed by the judge had access to the Final Challenge.


It was then Barbieri’s own vault, che focused his Skill Test on the technique: it was necessary to know the main cuts of the vegetables, to know how to fillet the sole and to de-bone the duck, all in an impeccable way. Promossi Carmine, an 18-year-old high school student from the province of Salerno; Andrealetizia, the 25-year-old from Reggio Emilia who moved to Brighton, England, who had received Locatelli’s signature last week; Federico, 30 year old dj of Argentine origins and now in Milan; and for the 41-year-old Andrea, maître from Novara and now living in Milan.


The third and final Test of Skill has seen Antonino Cannavacciuolo take the chair, interested in testing the aesthetic vein of cooks: for them a super popular dish like chicken and potatoes, to be transformed into a great gourmet version. They artfully served Mime, the 47-year-old tour guide who drew both from her Japanese roots and from the Florentine influences where she now resides; Christian, the 20-year-old chemical engineering student from Bosconero (Turin) suffering from Asperger’s syndrome; and the thirty-year-old manager Dalia, also from the Piedmontese capital. Personalized white apron also for the bank Lia, 30, from Costermano sul Garda (Verona). For the thirty-year-old Bolognese model Giulia the possibility of accessing the Final Challenge thanks to the signature of Antonino Cannavacciuolo.


The last, decisive, step to access the Masterclass brought together all the chefs who had not fully convinced the chefs. The challenge was to overcome their limits: on the table they found generally unusable ingredients – too salty cod, clams full of sand, overcooked rice, shredded cream, béchamel with lumps and crazy mayonnaise – to be recovered and fixed in a dish of a high standard. Giulia convinced all three judges by presenting “Libra”, a dish in which, as the name suggests, she was able to correctly balance all the flavors: cream of zucchini and chard with poached eggs and accompaniment of cod and fried rice; as well as the forty-two-year-old Sicilian Pietro, a freelancer, who recovered clams and rice in “91 minutes” – a rice and clam salad with crunchy bread, almonds and pine nuts on a mayonnaise base; and Lia who prepared her “French baccalau” – a French toast with zucchini omelette with creamed cod quenelle and tomato tapenade – even in less time than allowed. Mery had access to the kitchens of MasterChef Italia presenting “Half street gourmet”, canapés of courgettes and beets sautéed on mayonnaise with clams, with zucchini flowers and tomato julienne. The fate was also happy for Nicky Brian thanks to the explosion of taste of his “Riproviamoci”, zucchini flowers stuffed with raw chard salad with vinaigrette: his experience at MasterChef Italia continues, reaching his girlfriend Andrealetizia among the members of the This year’s masterclass.

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Masterchef Italia, composed the Masterclass: here are the 20 aspiring chefs