Masterchef Italy: Giorgio Locatelli signs the first apron, “I’ll put my face on it”

Masterchef Italy: Giorgio Locatelli signs the first apron, “I’ll put my face on it”. As in the best tradition of the cuisine of MasterChef Italy, yesterday the entrée of the show was staged with the long parade of aspiring chefs in the presence of Barbieri, Cannavacciuolo and Locatelli.

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Sitting at their stool, the three judges listened to their stories, tasted the first courses of this edition of Masterchef Italy, expressed the judgments for Live Cooking that alternated exciting and moving moments with other more hilarious ones. A long parade of cooking enthusiasts from all over the world, all united by the belief that they have a particular talent among dishes and pots. A belief – as usual in this very early phase – not always corresponding to reality, but immediately the judges identified some interesting dishes and people, to look carefully before granting them the apron with their own name.

The selections of this edition, at the center of yesterday’s episodes, they were even harder: the amateur cooks had a pantry at their disposal to retrieve the necessary ingredients, then they made a dish completing it in front of Chef Barbieri, Chef Cannavacciuolo and Chef Locatelli. Whoever has obtained at least two yeses has earned the pass for the next phase, the Skill Tests.

The judges of MasterChef Italia did not break the engagement between Andrealetizia and Nicky Brian: both showed up at Live Cooking, she with “Daje tutto” (duck breast on fennel salad with green bean sauce) and he with “Ready, go …” (sea bream fillet with chicory sautéed on mashed potatoes sweets and Parmesan wafer), both of them passed the shift – even if she did thanks to Locatelli who signed her apron having been the only one to say yes.

The two episodes last night, on Sky Uno / + 1 and on demand, totaled an average of 769 thousand average spectators and 1,156,420 contacts; in detail, the first episode totaled 888 thousand spectators and 3.04% share, with 66% attendance and 1,346,678 contacts; the second reached 649 thousand average spectators, with 3.1% share, 67% permanence and 966,161 contacts.

In a week, Thursday 23 December at 9.15 pm on Sky and NOW, two more episodes of MasterChef Italia arrive. For aspiring chefs it will be time for the Skill Tests: the best will access the Masterclass, those who have disappointed their expectations will return home, those who have not yet resolved all the doubts in the judges will have to overcome the final challenges before conquering the most white apron. coveted, the one with its own name. At the end of the two episodes, the official members of this new season’s Masterclass will enter the kitchen.

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Masterchef Italy: Giorgio Locatelli signs the first apron, “I’ll put my face on it”