Podcast, boom in Italy. Here are the most listened to titles of 2021: the ranking

2021 is the turning point for podcasts in Italy. Spotify is the market leader, with over 3.2 million shows, with a huge leap compared to 2018, + 2500%. About 1.5 million were added between September 2020 and September 2021 and Italy has discovered this new form of communication, considering that the catalog in Italian has grown by 89%. Let’s take a look now to the most listened to titles of 2021, comparing the data released by Spotify, with those of Podtail and Apple.

The story told by the professor stands out Alessandro Barbero: History Lectures and Conferences, the show that has received more reproductions in our country, in which the contemporary history teacher tells anecdotes and historical passages from the Middle Ages to today.

The podcast taken from the evening broadcast of Radio24, La Zanzara, in which the two journalists Giuseppe Cruciani and David Parenzo they tell the news without taboos, without censorship, without cuts to opinions, even the most extreme ones. A free zone for listeners, an enemy of banality and politically correct.

Especially popular with Generation Z, there is Wild Moss, the podcast by Fedez and Luis Sal dedicated to themes of culture and society with different guests at each episode. It is characterized by moments of deepening, seriousness, play and unpredictability.

Figure in the top ten, Quirinal novel by Marco Damilano, which tells the story of the Quirinale, the center of Italian power, where political and economic interests, internal balances and international arrangements, hidden plots and media campaigns revolve around the presidency of the Republic. In Romanzo Quirinale, Marco Damilano recounts the most mysterious seasons in the history of Italy.

Globallyl, the new podcast from Will and ISPI, offers a clear and concise point of view on the rapid changes that are shaking the world and our lives. Geopolitics, in fact, today has an almost immediate impact on our lives and the podcast tries to explain it to everyone.

Fucking genes, the irreverent but respectful podcast, which tells the great figures who have changed our evolution, the story of the talents who have met the perfect cultural environment to be able to change the trajectory of our culture and our civilization.

From a horrible news story, the crime of Luca Varani, at the hands of Manuel Foffo and Marco Prato, was first told in a book, The city of the living, by Nicola Lagioia, who then made it an intense and beautiful podcast to listen to and soon it will also be a TV series for Sky.

The daily freshness of the Trio Medusa, aired for years on Radio Deejay, which is also popular in podcasts with Call Roma Triuno Triuno, two hours of “one hundred percent guaranteed zero content” write on the presentation page.

And we close the list of the most listened to podcasts in Italy in 2021 with Morgana by Di Michela Murgia and Chiara Tagliaferri, which tell the stories of those who have transformed their bodies into the best means of self-expression. The new protagonists face prejudice, stereotypes and gender violence following the unicorn rule: “You can be anything you want”.

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Podcast, boom in Italy. Here are the most listened to titles of 2021: the ranking