RaiPlay Sound is born, the best audio platform in Europe

A new “sound” for Radio Rai, and a new step – signed RaiPlay – in the digital evolution of the Rai company. RaiPlay Sound is born, a platform that offers the public – in addition to live coverage of all Radio Rai channels and the possibility of listening to their favorite radio broadcasts – also original content produced for RaiPlay Sound: such as podcasts that will range from entertainment to the story of reality , from current events to music. A new offer, which enriches the catalog of podcasts that are produced every day by the 12 Radio Rai channels. On the new platform, users will have navigable catalogs by genres, topics, recommended contents or favorite programs and will be able to access audiobooks chosen from the great classics of Italian and international literature.

On the RaiPlay platform – as the manager Elena Capparelli proudly points out – there are already a thousand titles and 50 podcasts. With 30 new titles published by Christmas, including the events of the Tognazzi-Izzo fault entitled “The Tognizzo family”.

RaiPlay Sound can be considered the sister of RaiPlay and is becoming, if not already, the best audio platform in Europe. “Rai Play Sound adds another important step to the path that Rai Radio is taking to be ever closer to the needs of the public”, remembers the director of Rai Radio Roberto Sergio. “After the launch of specialized radios, visual radio, the transformation of our offices into digital multimedia factories, we have set ourselves an ambitious but achievable goal: to become a leader in the production and distribution of original total audio content”.

RaiPlay Sound replaces RaiPlay Radio to respond to the listening demand of that part of the public that prefers listening on demand: it will be a digital hub on which content can be enjoyed at any time not only on the web but also with mobile apps, apps smartwatch and soon also on connected TVs, cars and smart speakers: “With RaiPlay Sound, Rai takes another big step forward”, underlines Elena Capparelli, director of RaiPlay and Digital. “It’s a gift we wanted to give to our audience who love radio and podcasts. This audience will find not only thousands of contents to entertain themselves with, but also modern features that will allow them a complete user experience and to share ».

Access to the content, even offline, will be guaranteed to users through the in-app ‘offline listening’ functionality on mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. RaiPlay Sound will always be free and all users already registered on RaiPlay Radio and RaiPlay will be able to access and use all the services offered by the new platform. New users can register through the social profiles Facebook, Twitter or Google, or by filling out the registration form by entering their data and e-mail address.

Last updated: Thursday 23 December 2021, 14:51


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RaiPlay Sound is born, the best audio platform in Europe