Sanremo 2022, Amadeus to RTL: “To choose them, I listen to the songs everywhere”. On the co-hosts: “I’m dumb”

Announcements his Sanremo 2022. To communicate them is the conductor and artistic director, Amadeus, which to the microphones of RTL102.5 revealed some background on the wait event song, broadcast from 1 to 5 February 2022.

«Among the young people, on average 800 songs plus those of the Sanremo Area, therefore about 50. I listen to the songs several times, watch the videos and read the biography. Of the Bigs this year about 330, of these I took 22. I listen to the songs at any time because I have to assimilate them a lot, nobody has to listen to them, it’s a decision that I make alone. It is the most thing important and even more difficult than the Festival in my opinion. I want not to mistake the composition of singers in the race, for me Sanremo starts from there. I listen to the songs everywhere: at home, in the car it is essential ».

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One of the frequently asked questions from the public concerns precisely the criteria choice from the songs. And Amedeus replies: «I work in Rome, I live in Milan and I often do back and forth in car. The moment I listen to a song while driving I realize if I feel like it raise the volume or if i distract: if I listen to a song and think of something else and the song is over, then it means that perhaps he did not capture me ». And he explains: “I make a list and then after four days I change it. When my final list arrives Sanremo it’s done. It takes me about a month and a half ».

The RTL speakers ask the conductor for a little spoiler on the much talked about co-conduct of Tommaso Paradiso. “I am dumb. I’m not saying anything, ”jokes Amadeus. «I like it when yes rumor. I think I’ve already been on stage before I even started with at least thirty ladies of the show and not only that, also many friends. It is right that this happens: Sanremo belongs to everyone and everyone must say what they think. I neither confirm nor deny».

And on the women who will tread the stage, he prefers not to unbutton himself, focusing on the clothes he will wear. “I chose i fabrics. I make clothes to choose to my wife, because I am also daltonico a little bit, in fact I always wear black and blue. I have to see the colors I decided: I can see the strong yellow, the pastel colors mess up a bit “.

In Sanremo, there is the highly anticipated return from Elisa in Sanremo. And Amadeus, very excited, reveals: «Back after 21 years on the stage of Sanremo, one crazy joy. When they told me he wanted to let me hear the song to get back into the race it was one for me joy. Singers, in my opinion, have an importance and greater visibility if they come in the race than when they come as guests, because we talk about them and their songs from December 4th to February 5th ».

The great emotion is also linked to the return of Gianni Morandi in Sanremo, in the past also conductor of the Festival. “But you realize that Morandi will come in the race a Sanremo? I still don’t believe it, “he says enthusiastically. «At a certain point Jovanotti called Gianni, told him he had a piece and to let me hear it to see if I could like it. Gianni called me saying he wanted to apply for the Sanremo Festival and told me that if I liked it it would have been available. I made the announcement on December 4th and no one knew who I was going to take. When I heard I liked the piece very much, there was a good energy and a good text, so when I made it official that Gianni Morandi would be there I was excited too ».

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Chapter jury opinion poll. “It will be a broader opinion poll, they will be in mille. There are more ways to vote, there will also be radios and them too they will vote. Why can’t the radio vote? It is not possible that in a place where songs are made that will then go on the radio, there are no radios. The radio must have the right to have her say within the Festival. There will be the public at home, which is fundamental, remember that last year the televoting gave the victory to Måneskin and this is important. There is no way to win Sanremo. The Måneskin? They are a group that was already on the springboard, I have no credit for their success, I just chose their song. Now they are highly sought after ».

And he concludes the interview, telling of the vita which he leads during that week: «I’m going to Sanremo in mid-January, I’ll do it listening of the songs in the press room around the January 13-14 and then I go to Sanremo. Before the festival it closes all the work done, because clearly it is prepared as early as August. We attend the rehearsals of the singers in the theater and that is one thing important. Then there are the meetings. During the week of the Festival there is a rhythm that always is same: they know by now, my festivals don’t end very soon. You can eat something maybe at 4 in the morning, in a three-star run hotel familiar. You go to bed at 4.30 in the morning, you wake up at 9.30 in the morning and then you go to the press conference, ”says Amadeus.

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Sanremo 2022, Amadeus to RTL: “To choose them, I listen to the songs everywhere”. On the co-hosts: “I’m dumb”