Sanremo 2022, Mahmood & Blando after the triumph: “And now Eurovision”

«We will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest. And we are doubly happy that it is in our country. Will we do it in English? In fact, our greatest desire is to bring Italian music abroad“. This is the first hot comment immediately after the award ceremony of Mahmood and White that with “Chills” receive the rampant lion on the palm of the 72nd edition of the Sanremo Festival.

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«We took everything as a game. We have not yet realized. In the morning we will begin to understand what happened to us“. To reward them, Amadeus, conductor and artistic director of the festival for the third consecutive time.

The rankings had given them as favorites from the beginning (first in the general rankings of the three voting components, press room / televoting / opinion poll1000). Unleashed fans positioned from the first light of the morning in front of the Hotel de Paris in Sanremo, where the duo were staying. “It was really very exciting to see all those people waiting for us. Music is a powerful thing, it binds everyone», says White. An award that they dedicate “a little to everyone”.

A well-matched duo. Mahmood and Blanco win with an urban, contemporary, modern piece, which rests on a score that travels on a harmonic line modulated between highs and lows and which they intone with two distinct but perfectly unison vocals. “Naked with shivers, sometimes I don’t know how to express myself and I would like to love you, but I’m always wrong”, they sing. A passage that comes from «a long job, but beautiful things need a long job», says Mahmood. “The piece is autobiographical. Let’s talk about the feeling that unites us».

Mahmood 29, between urban pop and rap, adds this victory to that of 2019 with “Money”. «Now I’m older – he jokes – There is no better or worse, this Festival is totally different. Going to Sanremo with Ricky (Riccardo Fabbriconi, aka Blanco, ed) means that you are not alone and that you have to enter the world of another artist. It was nice to work with him ». Curiosity has it that the last to win after three years like Mahmood was Peppino di Capri in 1973-76. Blanco, 18, winning the Festival, becomes the youngest man artist to triumph in the history of the kermesse (the woman is Gigliola Cinquetti who won it in 1964 with “I don’t have age” when she was only 16). “Shivers is a piece that we have kept out of everything, from record projects. We worked on it at night».

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Two artists who have collected numbers and platinums. Mahmood to date has 12 platinum discs and 9 gold discs in Italy, 6 platinum discs and 3 gold discs abroad and almost 1.5 billion total streaming. Blanco, revelation 2021, in less than a year has 28 platinum records, 7 gold records and 1 billion total streaming.


Chills”Was written by him together with Michelangelo Zocca (producer of Blanco) e Riccardo Fabbriconi, and reached the first position of the Fimi / GfK ranking of the best-selling singles in Italy in just two days of release, the # 1 among the music trends on YouTube, with almost 10 million views, and # 1 on Spotify (in the charts of the Top Italia and Top50 Tracks). A song that sings the discomfort of feeling inadequate in love and that crosses the two intense and atypical vocals of Mahmood and Blanco.

As they told Totò Rizzo on Leggo, “Broglie” was born like this: «At Michelangelo’s house, with whom I was working – Mahmood says – I went because I was curious to know Blanco. Stanzas came out, then others came, there was also a wrong note …».

Blanco has closed the circle of creative flair. «We had in mind a song that invites us not to ghettoize any emotion, any sentiment, which spurs us to overcome the limits that we ourselves, at every age and in every condition, place ourselves in confronting each other precisely because we feel inadequate, even wrong. . The focus of the piece is this“. Writing also has a therapeutic effect: “Each time telling a different story in music reveals to myself unedited parts of me,” says Mahmood.

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Sanremo 2022, Mahmood & Blando after the triumph: “And now Eurovision”