Startling! These 4 Artists Are Not Afraid To Go To Hell, Nikita Mirzani: The Important One Is Happy : Okezone Celebrity

a row Indonesian artists are not afraid of going to hell. Whereas hell is a place of torture and human misery in the afterlife.

However, some celebrities in the country admit that they are not afraid to go to hell. In fact, some of them surrender to the will of God.

Here, the artist who claims to be ready to go to hell, even surrendered:

1. Titiek Puspa

Senior artist Titiek Puspa admitted that he chose to surrender to his final fate, to go to heaven or hell. He claimed that he could only accept God’s will. Moreover, he had struggled with cancer which he had in 2012.

“Then I said, ‘If this is how it feels like God doesn’t want me anymore, just take me. I want to put it anywhere, please heaven or hell. But if God still wants me in the world, please give a signal’,” he said on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube on last 2020.

2. Sarah Dee

The former lover of the vocalist of El Kasih, Sarah Dee, had made a surprising confession on El Ibnu’s Instagram account. He admitted that he was willing to go to hell for his lover.

This is because he and El Ibnu have a different religion relationship. In fact, he admits that he is ready to become an apostate, converting from Islam to Christianity for the sake of his lover, even though he knows that changing religion is a big sin.

“Now it’s my part to protect you. Nobody in my big so called the riches of Pekanbaru, can touch you and take you away from me again. Never mind apostasy, I want to go to hell. Instead of losing my breath, you,” wrote Sarah Dee via Instagram @elibnu999 in 2020.

3. Nikita Mirzani

Controversial artist Nikita Mirzani also admitted that he was not afraid if he had to go to hell. He even admitted that he would be happy if he could meet his idol artists in hell, one of which was Michael Jackson.

His remarks are known to have come out when he was having a case with Habib Rizieq Shihab. At that time, Niki was known to be answering a netizen’s request who asked him to read Yasin’s letter.

“I’m surprised. After all, I already said I can’t go crazy into heaven, I say. I’m okay in hell too, happy. I met a lot of friends, who knows later I can make an event there. Meet Michael Jackson,” said Nikita Mirzani.

4. Bunga Zainal

Artist Bunga Zainal is known to have converted from Islam to Hinduism after marrying Sukhdev Singh in 2014. This made him get blasphemed for being called an apostate by netizens.

Upset by netizens’ accusations, he also said that morals and actions are one of the things that can help humans in the afterlife.

“And the one who can help us in heaven and hell is clearly only ourselves and our good morals and deeds. Happy Monday!,” wrote Bunga Zainal in 2020.

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Startling! These 4 Artists Are Not Afraid To Go To Hell, Nikita Mirzani: The Important One Is Happy : Okezone Celebrity