Sunan Kalijaga Meets Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong, Here Are 4 Facts About Salmafina and Greivance: Okezone Celebrity

USAI He broke up with his Caucasian girlfriend, Salmafina’s new girlfriend, Greivance Lumoindong. Even their father, Sunan Kalijaga and Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong had met each other.

Different from other men who had been close to him, Greivance Lumoindong seemed to bring Salmafina into a more religious figure. So what are the facts of the relationship between the two? Here are the facts.

Officially dating last December

Last December 14, Salma finally uploaded a portrait with Greivance which marked the official relationship between the two. The portrait shows Greivance and Salma visiting an art space together.

“Fun” he wrote.

Their relationship seems to be well received by their followers.

“Just this, don’t go with the Caucasians,” wrote one netizen.

Was given a Bible gift

Greivance does come from a family that has high spirituality. He and his father were often seen giving sermons on the pulpit.

Moments ago, Grei seemed to give a small gift to his lover. Not an ordinary gift, Grei actually gave a Bible with a message that was quite touching.

“To one of the most strong, wise and amazing Lady I know, Salma (Lilis). Stay strong and keep growing in Christ. (To one of the strongest, wisest, and most extraordinary women I have ever known. Stay strong and always grow in Christ). ”

Salma looked so happy when she got a gift from Grei. Through an Instagram Story upload, last December 21, 2021, Salma wrote that she was happy for the gift she got.

“Great idea, but it doesn’t matter. I need this because I never had an Indonesian version of the Bible,” wrote Salma.

Celebrate Christmas together


Christmas 2021 is a special day for Salma and Grei. Because of their faith, the two of them were seen together celebrating Christmas Eve with worship.

Through Salma’s upload on Instagram Story, she seemed to be sitting on the stage with her lover. It is understood the event was a Christmas Eve service organized by Greivance’s father, who is a pastor. Salma and Greivance also looked adorable when posing funny and laughing together.

“Wkwkwkw Merry Christmas🎄🎅” he wrote.

Already met family

On the night of the Christmas celebration, Salma looked happy to have been introduced by the Grei family. Although a few moments ago, Grei had received satire from Sunan Kalijaga who had not yet come to see him.

Through Salma’s upload with her lover a while ago, the famous lawyer asked Grei to immediately meet him.

“Anyone who has good intentions with my favorite child @salmafinasunan must pass me through strict screening,” wrote Sunan Kalijaga in the comment column.

But apparently Grei responded to his lover’s father’s comments firmly and bravely. He promised to immediately meet Sunan Kalijaga when he was not busy with his business.

“Oh my gosh. We’ll meet again later, Om, when Om isn’t busy,” Grei said.

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Sunan Kalijaga Meets Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong, Here Are 4 Facts About Salmafina and Greivance: Okezone Celebrity