The 20 years of the OndaRock webzine: music and information across the board

Twenty years for OndaRock. The musical webzine founded and directed by the editor of Leggo, Claudio Fabretti, is celebrating a special anniversary this year. And for the occasion it was overwhelmed with greetings from the artists reviewed in recent years. To send their particular messages to the editorial staff, among others, Carmen Consoli, Chiara Civello, Riccardo Sinigallia, Max Casacci (Subsonica), Cristiano Godano (Marlene Kuntz), Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Anna Von Hausswolff, Marissa Nadler, Andrea Schroeder, Sam Rosenthal (Black Tape For A Blue Girl), Federico Fiumani (Diaframma), Eugenio Bennato, Max Collini (Offlaga Disco Pax), Teho Teardo, Fast Animals And Slow Kids, Erin Moran, Asha Puthli, Andrea Chimenti, Garbo.

Active since 2001 and inspired by the musical current of the new wave, with a name capable of evoking in one fell swoop the suggestion of surfing the web and a very specific musical attitude, OndaRock has developed in these 20 years with the contribution of about a hundred collaborators, including well-known names in music journalism such as Carlo Massarini, Federico Guglielmi and Giampiero Vigorito. Its rapid expansion has allowed the webzine to become a point of reference for all fans of rcok music and beyond, with particular attention paid to the proposals of the indie-underground circuit and an approach based on deepening and historiographic reconstruction.
Thus were born the seven sections in which the site is currently divided (Rock and surroundings, Popmuzik, Songwriter, Electronics, Dark, Jazz and Altrisuoni) and a substantial archive of monographs on the artists and interviews (almost two thousand to date), special thematic articles (Insights), reviews on the records released in these two decades (over 21,000), milestones on the classics of the various genres, live concert reports, ad hoc columns (Juke-Box, Don’t Box me in, Radio waves, Answers the critic, Books, Ten Little Italians etc.), of radio podcasts (the Rock in Onda broadcasts, in collaboration with Radio Città Aperta, and Blah Blah Blah on Radio Atlanta), of playlists and rankings of all kinds.
In 2013 OndaRock won the first edition of the Targa Mei Musicletter as the best website “for the excellent quality of the contents and insights ranging from independent and alternative to mainstream music; for the ability to always be on the news and on the latest releases. , for the beautiful graphics and, last but not least, for the excellent navigability “and has been defined in the motivation as” a reference point of the web for fans of popular music “.
Since 2008, its sister site has joined OndaRock OndaCinema, dedicated to the world of cinema, with monographs, specials, interviews, reviews and milestones on films from the present and the past.

Over the years the field of action of the webzine has also constantly expanded, but has not lost its starting point: “Given up for decades now, certainly not in splendid health, the so-called rock remains, all in all, an impertinent ghost that continues to hover in many contemporary productions – says Claudio Fabretti ineditorial on 20 years of the webzine – Maybe deconstructed, decomposed, crumbled and freeze-dried, but still recognizable. In 2021, however, it would be pathetic to limit oneself only to the business name inherent in the name. Music has expanded and branched out into an inextricable babel of sub-genres and niches, which make a reviewer’s challenge even more complex and fascinating. An expansion not only stylistic, but also geographic. With the precious help of some collaborators, we have in fact broadened our horizons to national genres and scenes, from Korea to Tanzania, from Poland to Argentina, from South Africa to Russia, discovering a mine of more or less hidden treasures. Now that we have finally been granted that license of authority that 20 years ago was still almost the prerogative of print magazines, we want to continue to cultivate the dream of a free and competent newspaper, which talks about music and cinema with the same enthusiasm with which in 2001 it timidly looked out over the boundless telematic horizon “.

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The 20 years of the OndaRock webzine: music and information across the board