These are 15 Indonesian X Factor contestants chosen by Anang, Ariel, BCL, Judika, Rossa : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – More exciting, now one of the biggest talent search events in the country X Factor Indonesia arrived at the JHV round last Tuesday night. To be in this round, of course, is not an easy struggle for the contestants because they first passed a very tight audition stage until the Chairs round.

After passing the audition round, the participants who passed had to compete again in the Bootcamp round, where they would be divided into two groups to sing a song for 60 seconds in front of the jury. After screening from the Bootcamp round, only the contestants who pass will proceed to the next round, namely The Chairs.

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Rows of Contestants for Indonesian Female X Factor Upbringing Anang Hermansyah

In The Chair round, one of the tensest rounds because the participants had to compete for six seats and in this phase the contestants were divided into five categories, namely Girls, Boys, Male, Female and Group.

There are five Indonesian X Factor judges who will be mentors from the five categories. Anang Hermansyah was chosen to be the mentor for the Female category, Rossa for the Girls category, BCL for the Boys category, Judika Male, and finally Ariel Noah who will be the mentor for the Group category.

Each of the judges, Anang Hermansyah, Rossa, BCL, Ariel, and Judika, has received 6 participants who have qualified for the JHV round. In the X Factor Indonesia episode last Monday & Tuesday night, each jury had to choose 3 participants who could qualify for the Gala Show round.

And here are the 15 contestants who qualified for the Gala Show round:

Girls :




Boys :




Female :




Male :




Group :



2nd chance

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These are 15 Indonesian X Factor contestants chosen by Anang, Ariel, BCL, Judika, Rossa : Okezone Celebrity