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JAKARTA– Tomorrow at 19.45 WIB on GTV, Anrez Adelio, Ersya Aurel, Angga Putra, Aditya Suryo, Camela Van de Kruk, Rizky Djanbi, Catherine Elshad, James Thomas to Cakrawala Airawan are ready to perform stunning acting in Street Children A New Beginning.

It has been widely reported in various national online media and has gone viral on various fanbase accounts on social media, the positive response and high enthusiasm of the Indonesian people are clearly shown in waiting for the presence of Street Children A New Beginning on GTV.


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The process of filming with talented young actors and actresses immediately went viral and was enough to make netizens look forward to it with an excited heart. Not a few are also waiting for the change in the cast of Boy and Reva. Initially the Boy character was played by Stefan William, now in this remake the Boy character will be played by the handsome Anrez Adelio, while the Reva character, previously played by Natasha Wilona, ​​will now be played by the beautiful and full of talent, Ersya Aurelia.

How will Boy and Reva be played by Anrez Adelio and Ersya Aurelia later? Don’t forget to set your alarm at 19.45 WIB because starting Monday, A New Beginning Street Children will start broadcasting every day on GTV.

In addition to the attractiveness of the main character Boy who is sloppy, indifferent but pious and handsome, and Reva who is beautiful and has a strong personality, the conflict presented by the two antagonists, Dean (played by James Thomas) and Silla (played by Camela Van de Kruk) can be ascertained. will make Street Children A New Beginning very interesting for us to watch together.

James Thomas said the character Dean he played was more than just an antagonist who was usually portrayed as an evil figure.

“Dean is an antagonist but he has a good side because he is Reva’s older brother, when he is at home he really loves his family. Joking, kidding,” said James Thomas.

Similar to James Thomas, Camela Van de Kruk also feels that the Silla character he plays is not just an ordinary antagonist. “Silla is quite annoying, but because I love Boy so much, because I want to get Boy again. So, what are the ways to do it,” Camela said enthusiastically.

The dynamics between these two antagonists certainly presents a unique conflict because Dean and Silla want two very different things. “So the opposite, one wants to destroy Boy, one wants to get Boy,” said James Thomas again.

Having a 180-degree difference with the characters they play, James Thomas and Camela Van de Kruk admit that they need to make special adjustments to “turn on” the figures of Dean and Silla.

“You have to be good at managing emotions, because most of the scenes in Silla are angry, so (actually) it’s hard to control emotions. But actually I rarely get angry, “explained Camela.

Similar to Camela, James Thomas admits that he is happy to accept the challenge of playing an antagonist who is very different from his original personality who likes to joke a lot. “There will be a flashback scene later, it’s really sad. I actually burst into tears, even though I’m rarely sad, when I work I’m also a joke, said James Thomas, laughing.

The totality in acting is something that James Thomas cannot compromise, especially the scene where he is required to cry plays an important role in the storyline of Street Children A New Beginning. “The flashback scene is the turning point why Dean can be such an antagonist,” explained James Thomas (11/12/21). “That’s why you have to watch it, starting on Monday, it will be broadcast every day at 19.45 WIB on GTV, don’t forget, on GTV,” said James excitedly (11/12/21).

The combination of fierce conflicts, love stories, the dynamics of family life to the daily polemics that are so familiar with our lives are ready to be presented with a deep appreciation of Anrez Adelio’s acting, Ersya Aurel Guaranteed to make you entertained, involved in conflict and of course baper.

Look forward to Amazing Drama, Street Children A New Beginning starting tomorrow airing every day at 19.45 WIB only on GTV. Follow the TikTok account and Instagram @officialgtvid to get complete info, the latest updates and interesting content. You can also watch Street Children’s Show A New Beginning on the RCTI+ and Vision+ applications.

Street Children’s soap opera The News Beginning is a production of MNC Pictures, the largest production house in Indonesia which is a subsidiary of PT MNC Studios Tbk.

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Trending Topic Ahead of the Premiere of Street Children A New Beginning of GTV, Makes Auto Viewers Impatient : Okezone Celebrity