Valentina Ferragni, surprised at Verissimo: her boyfriend arrives ready for a family, but she holds back

Emotion this afternoon a very true to the surprise that Silvia Toffanin he arranged for the influencer and entrepreneur Valentina Ferragni guest in the TV lounge of Canale 5 in his first television interview. To enter the studio at the end of the interview, her boyfriend Luca Vezil. “He was very good at saying nothing,” said Valentina, amazed by the surprise and visibly moved. The couple celebrated eight years of engagement a month ago and between the two Luca feels ready to start a family. “He would like to become a dad, but I’m a bit slowed down” says Valentina, speaking of grandchildren, Vittoria and Leone, he explains to Toffanin: «I hope to have some beautiful children like them, but in a while». “There is still time, but we will start working on it” adds Luca.

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Like every year, the couple will spend Christmas with Valentina’s family. With her beloved mother and her beloved sisters who have been close to her since birth. In fact, Valentina was born premature at the Bolzano hospital where her mother was urgently transferred after a fall. «For three months – says Valentina – my mother moved from Cremona to Bolzano with my sisters. The doctors still hear from my mother and wish me well. ” The influencer tells of a beautiful relationship with her parents, “my mom was the number one fan”, who divorced when Valentina was little.

«They were difficult years – explained Valentina – lived as an 11 year old girl who learns to understand, but does not yet have the tools to be able to do so. Among the sisters we have always helped each other so much and my mother repeated a phrase that helped me so much “the calm after the storm”. In fact, I used it for the first tattoo I got. ” On the sister Chiara Ferragni“It influenced a lot but it was a very natural thing. When my sister started, social networks hardly existed and the effects of the Internet were not yet known. When she started I was 16, I was helping her and I have seen her path change over the years. I am her number one fan, she is the best in the world and all the success she has owes it to herself because she is the best».

Valentina tells of hers scar and health problem which he carries on his forehead with great serenity: “My friends call me Harry Potterina“. It all starts a year ago «I had a small pimple on my forehead that did not arouse any kind of alarm. I didn’t think about it but after a few months my friend and make-up artist told me to check myself. I went to a dermatologist – explains Valentina – who told me it was a simple cyst, to be removed without haste. In September, however, I preferred to pay another visit, the doctor became suspicious because this cyst started to bleed and decided to remove it to understand what it was. After a week, the result arrived: carcinoma with a circular base, a malignant tumor, however localized “.

“Fortunately – he stressed – this type of tumor is not the worst of the epidermal ones, but it eats the skin and therefore extends. If I had waited any longer I would have had to undergo a skin graft with a much more invasive and worrying operation. Fortunately, now I should be 100% cured ». The whole ordeal was witnessed on social media also to raise awareness of prevention: «A piece of advice I can give to everyone is to go and be seen as soon as there is something abnormal. I was lucky. Those of the skin are not type B tumors, they are small and bad ».

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Valentina Ferragni, surprised at Verissimo: her boyfriend arrives ready for a family, but she holds back