Videocittà flies to the Dubai Expo to promote Italian excellence in contemporary audiovisuals

The fourth edition of Videocittà continues with the session winter 2021, with which the Festival of Vision this year expands its horizons by contaminating, with its multifaceted and multi-faceted identity, not only Rome but also Dubai. December 1, 2021 Video city, designed by Francesco Rutelli – President Anica – with the artistic direction of Francesco Dobrovich, landed at the Italian Pavilion of the Dubai International Expo to make the transformative realities of moving images known internationally and promote the excellence of the Italian audiovisual production and employment chain.

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The Vision Festival is confirmed come virtuous model capable of creating bridges between Italy and the international scenario, even in full pandemic, through a constantly evolving formula able to involve a wide and transversal public, through a universal language, amplified by the wide, innovative and intelligent use of digital tools and by the enhancement of the best talents who express themselves through them. “Extraordinary new stages for Videocittà, between the Dubai Expo and the Roman educational and creative growth: an ever new project at the service of the audiovisual, of Culture, of the new generations” he declared Francesco Rutelli, president of Anica and creator of Videocittà.

The Dubai Expo was an opportunity to present, at an international level, Animiamoci, a competition for young animation authors for the creation of unpublished shorts lasting 3 minutes. Animiamoci is a project by Videocittà, Rai Ragazzi and Anica Servizi, created with the collaboration of Cartoon Italia and Asifa Italia, to promote young Italian creative talents and connect them with the productive realities of animation. As proof of the universal nature of the language of images promoted by Videocittà, Anne-Sophie Vanhollebeke, President of Cartoon Italia, who presented the winning shorts of the 2021 edition of Animiamoci, said: “It was really nice to perceive the enthusiasm of the children and their families present at the screening of the 5 winning Italian short films of the Contest Let’s get animated in the amphitheater of the Italy pavilion and hear their comments in Chinese, Arabic, English, Italian and many other languages. Animation is really a universal language that unites peoples ».

Furthermore, the appointment at the Italian Pavilion was enriched by live performance by Quayola / Seta, winners of the Videocittà Awards – Art & Technology, «Transient – Impermanent Paintings». Speaking of this colossal site specific intervention, Francesco Dobrovich underlined: «An enveloping audiovisual experience, designed to enhance the unparalleled Italian creative ability, capable of combining beauty and technological research with results of the highest level. “Transient – Impermanent Paintings” was our way to contribute to the programming of the Italian Pavilion and to connect people through beauty. In order to reach the widest possible audience, we decided, in collaboration with the technical direction of the Italian Pavilion, to project the installation also on the facade of the pavilion itself, designed by Cra-Carlo Ratti Associati and Italo Rota Building Office ».

Since 2018, Videocittà, thanks to the collaboration with Anica and the Lazio Region, enhances the moving image and audiovisual sector through projections, live performances, educational and informative talks, virtual reality, videomapping and video art. An overview of the audiovisual installations produced by Videocittà was offered at the Italian Pavilion of the Dubai Expo through a selection of the most representative ones, including: Paradoxa by Onion Lab, Lux Formae by Laszlo Bordos, Atlas Ocean Data by Ouchhh, Eclipse by Nonotak . A way to share, in this prestigious setting, the work of enhancing the monumental architectures that Videocittà has been carrying out since the first edition with the video installation program.

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Videocittà flies to the Dubai Expo to promote Italian excellence in contemporary audiovisuals