Want Trending? Take a peek at 6 short video content ideas that will go viral! : Okezone Celebrity

PLATFORM Short videos on social media such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram have been loved by many users since early 2020. With the rapid development of technology, more and more new content creators are also appearing.

As a content creator, creating viral content is certainly not easy. You need to offer value in the form of entertainment or interesting information to the audience. Here are 6 short video content ideas that can make you go viral!


Not only entertainment-type content that can go viral, tutorial or educational content is also very popular, you know. One type of entertaining video tutorial is a roller skate tutorial like the one made by Syarif Yose (@syarif.yosee). You can also make trending dance tutorials like Phoebe Mulyana (@phoebe.mulyana).

Cook / mukbang

Cooking content or mukbang may have appeared on social media a lot. However, this type of content still keeps viewers interested. A successful content creator with food review videos and cooking tutorials is Vinny Laurencia (@kulinersamacici).

Beauty & fashion

Beauty and fashion content is certainly very interesting for women. You can try making a beauty solution video or a trendy outfit recommendation. The following content creators whose beauty and fashion content is always cool; Icha Riyani (@ichariyani_), Ina Yatul Zein (@inazein29), and Fahira Mira (@fahiramira).

DIY or life hack

DIY content or life hacks are certainly fun because the audience can try it directly. If you’ve ever found a new or simple way that many people might not have thought of before, then you can share useful content. One example is when Yosafat Widodo alias YoskiYoshi (@Yoskiyoshi) tried to make jelly from frozen honey.

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Story telling

The theme of story telling is often found on social media. This type of content often makes the audience interested and curious. It doesn’t need to be long, the most important thing is that the story is easy to understand. The following are examples of successful content creators with story telling content; Rieke Meilani (@riekemeilanis), Bella (@vabell.a), Adi Syahreza (@adiansyahreza), and Trisha Aprillia Hazianur (@trishaaazia).


Although not many people realize it, comedy-type content usually has high engagement, you know! Apart from being entertaining, this type of content can relieve stress and fatigue from the audience. Let’s check the content of successful creators with comedy-type content; Moh Faruk (@faruk_pc), @denmadura, Angga Jupito (@Anggajupito).


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Want Trending? Take a peek at 6 short video content ideas that will go viral! : Okezone Celebrity