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SEOUL Yoon Shi Yoon confirmed to star in the latest KBS weekend drama, Hyun Jae is Beautiful. This was confirmed by the South Korean national TV station, on December 31, 2021.

Former star 2 Days 1 Night it will compete acting with Bae Da Bin, Oh Min Seok, Shin Dong Min, Seo Bum June, and Choi Ye Bin in the drama. Meanwhile, Kim Sung Geun was lined up to be the director and Ha Myung Hee worked on the screenplay.

The drama Hyun Jae is Beautiful is about three brothers surnamed Lee who refuse to get married. But in order to inherit their parents’ apartment, each tries to find a wife.

Oh Min Seok will play the eldest brother, Yoon Shi Yoon will be the second child, and the youngest will be played by actor Seo Bum June. Actress Shin Dong Mi is paired with Oh Min Seok, Bae Da Bin is Yoon Shi Yoon’s lover, and Choi Ye Bin is with Seo Bum June.

Yoon Shi Yoon plays Lee Hyun Jae, a lawyer with the ability to win big cases. Meanwhile, Bae Da Bin becomes Hyun Mi Rae, a personal shopper for the rich.

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Hyun Mi Rae asks Hyun Jae for help to cancel her wedding and claims to be a victim of fraud. From a relationship as a lawyer and client, the two eventually fall in love.

While Oh Min Seok plays a dentist named Lee Yoon Jae. Even though he is known to be gentle, he is quite hard on himself. About 5 years after opening the dental clinic, he is quite famous among the patients.

Oh Min Seok. (Photo: Hancinema)

Actress Shin Dong Mi is trusted to bring to life the role of Shim Hae Joon, a lawyer and law firm director who is infatuated with Lee Yoon Jae. She visits Yoon Jae’s dental clinic after hearing about it from Hyun Jae.

Seo Bum June plays Lee Soo Jae, who tries hard to pass the exam to become a civil servant. This condition makes Soo Jae often compared to his two brothers. Even so, she tries to stay optimistic and loves herself.

Trying to live independently, he works part time as a loading and unloading package truck worker. It was there that he met Na Yoo Na (Choi Ye Bin) who worked hard to save money to pursue his dream of becoming a baker.

Para aktor drama Hyun Jae is Beautiful.

In addition to the six actors above, drama Hyun Jae is Beautiful also stars Park In Hwan who plays the grandfather of the three brothers, Lee Kyung Chul. While the role of father (Lee Min Ho) starring Park Sang Won and mother (Han Kyung Ae) played by Kim Hye Ok.

Then which of the three brothers will marry first and get the apartment? The drama Hyun Jae is Beautiful will air in 2022, after Young Lady and Gentleman finishes its broadcast.*

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Yoon Shi Yoon Starring in KBS Weekend Drama, Hyun Jae is Beautiful : Okezone Celebrity