Engineering team develops new AI algorithms for high accuracy and cost effective medical image diagnostics

Journal Reference: Hong-Yu Zhou, Xiaoyu Chen, Yinghao Zhang, Ruibang Luo, Liansheng Wang, Yizhou Yu. Generalized radiograph representation learning via cross-supervision between images and free-text radiology reports. Nature Machine Intelligence, 2022; 4 (1): 32 DOI: 10.1038/s42256-021-00425-9 However, conventional medical image diagnosis employing AI algorithms require large amounts of annotations as supervision signals for model training. To … Read more

Plasma biomarker screening could improve accuracy, health equity in Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis

Journal Reference: Joseph S. Reddy, Jiangli Jin, Sarah J. Lincoln, Charlotte C.G. Ho, Julia E. Crook, Xue Wang, Kimberly G. Malphrus, Thuy Nguyen, Nikoleta Tamvaka, Maria T. Greig-Custo, John A. Lucas, Neill R. Graff-Radford, Nilüfer Ertekin-Taner, Minerva M. Carrasquillo. Transcript levels in plasma contribute substantial predictive value as potential Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in African Americans. … Read more

Rats can estimate their timing accuracy

Journal Reference: Tadeusz Władysław Kononowicz, Virginie van Wassenhove, Valérie Doyère. Rodents monitor their error in self-generated duration on a single trial basis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2022; 119 (9): e2108850119 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2108850119 These results were obtained in a joint study undertaken by researchers from the Institut des neurosciences Paris-Saclay (CNRS/Université Paris-Saclay), Neurospin … Read more

Powerful sensors on planes detect crop nitrogen with high accuracy

Journal Reference: Sheng Wang, Kaiyu Guan, Zhihui Wang, Elizabeth A. Ainsworth, Ting Zheng, Philip A. Townsend, Nanfeng Liu, Emerson Nafziger, Michael D. Masters, Kaiyuan Li, Genghong Wu, Chongya Jiang. Airborne hyperspectral imaging of nitrogen deficiency on crop traits and yield of maize by machine learning and radiative transfer modeling. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation … Read more

Novel way to perform ‘general inverse design’ with high accuracy

Journal Reference: Zekun Ren, Siyu Isaac Parker Tian, Juhwan Noh, Felipe Oviedo, Guangzong Xing, Jiali Li, Qiaohao Liang, Ruiming Zhu, Armin G. Aberle, Shijing Sun, Xiaonan Wang, Yi Liu, Qianxiao Li, Senthilnath Jayavelu, Kedar Hippalgaonkar, Yousung Jung, Tonio Buonassisi. An invertible crystallographic representation for general inverse design of inorganic crystals with targeted properties. Matter, 2022; … Read more

3D fault information improves alert accuracy for earthquake early warning

Journal Reference: Jessica R. Murray, Eric M. Thompson, Annemarie S. Baltay, Sarah E. Minson. The Impact of 3D Finite-Fault Information on Ground-Motion Forecasting for Earthquake Early Warning. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 2021; DOI: 10.1785/0120210162 The benefits of 3D fault models vary depending on the fault style (a strike slip versus a reverse … Read more