‘Digital twins,’ an aid to give individual patients the right treatment at the right time

Journal Reference: Xinxiu Li, Eun Jung Lee, Sandra Lilja, Joseph Loscalzo, Samuel Schäfer, Martin Smelik, Maria Regina Strobl, Oleg Sysoev, Hui Wang, Huan Zhang, Yelin Zhao, Danuta R. Gawel, Barbara Bohle, Mikael Benson. A dynamic single cell-based framework for digital twins to prioritize disease genes and drug targets. Genome Medicine, 2022; 14 (1) DOI: 10.1186/s13073-022-01048-4 … Read more

Experiments measure freezing point of extraterrestrial oceans to aid search for life

Journal Reference: Brooke Chang, Anthony N. Consiglio, Drew Lilley, Ravi Prasher, Boris Rubinsky, Baptiste Journaux, Matthew J. Powell-Palm. On the pressure dependence of salty aqueous eutectics. Cell Reports Physical Science, 2022; 100856 DOI: 10.1016/j.xcrp.2022.100856 The results were recently published in Cell Reports Physical Sciences. “The more a liquid is stable, the more promising it is … Read more

Virtual reality as pain aid: Reducing dressing change pain in pediatric burn patients

Journal Reference: Henry Xiang, Jiabin Shen, Krista K. Wheeler, Jeremy Patterson, Kimberly Lever, Megan Armstrong, Junxin Shi, Rajan K. Thakkar, Jonathan I. Groner, Dana Noffsinger, Sheila A. Giles, Renata B. Fabia. Efficacy of Smartphone Active and Passive Virtual Reality Distraction vs Standard Care on Burn Pain Among Pediatric Patients. JAMA Network Open, 2021; 4 (6): … Read more

Afghanistan: UN calls for $ 5 billion in aid to secure “a future” for the country

Afghanistan UN calls for 5 billion in aid to

Meeting in Geneva of various UN services to coordinate the humanitarian response in Afghanistan for the year 2022, January 10, 2022. DENIS BALIBOUSE / REUTERS The United Nations has asked for a record $ 5 billion to fund aid to Afghanistan this year and secure a future for a country threatened by humanitarian disaster. It’s … Read more

Engineers develop new software tool to aid material modeling research

Journal Reference: Anubhav Roy, Darren W. Branch, Daniel S. Jensen, Christopher M. Kube. propSym: a tool to establish relationships between property constants for material property tensors of any order. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2021; 54 (6): 1894 DOI: 10.1107/S160057672101058X Researchers input a material’s physical characteristics and structure, and the program produces its fundamental property constants … Read more

Stimulators could aid spinal twine, heart therapies

Now, for therapies that require multiple, coordinated stimulation implants, their timing has come as well. Rice University engineers who developed implants for electrical stimulation in patients with spinal cord injuries have advanced their technique to power and program multisite biostimulators from a single transmitter. A peer-reviewed paper about the advance by electrical and computer engineer … Read more