Alex Wolff assures that The Devil’s Legacy left him psychological havoc with which he still lives

Despite the fact that the horror genre is one of the most acclaimed by the audience worldwide, in reality there are few productions that are satisfactory. Most of them have sinned with the unjustified use of sound effects, lighting and a myriad of clich├ęs that little by little are generating less fear because of how … Read more

Nicolas Cage gets beyond the meme in Pig, a slow-burn revenge drama

Despite being one of the more gifted, and certainly most original actors of the last half-century, Nicolas Cage has spent the last decade becoming more meme than man, carving out the kind of erratic career that tends to attract the worst kind of fandom: smug rubberneckers gleefully anticipating the latest ‘bonkers’ turn from the erstwhile … Read more

Old | Top reviews, reviews and ratings

Old – 55% (Old) is the new film by Indian director M. Night Shyamalan (known for films like Sliver – 75%, from 2017; The Last Airbender – 6%, from 2010; and The Sixth Sense – 85%, from 1999; among other). True to its narrative line, Old is a one hour and 48 minute long thriller. … Read more