Marvel’s Zoe Saldana to Develop Anime with Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the leading faces in anime, and it has a number of original projects in the works. Now, it seems like the company is teaming up with Zoe Saldana to bring a special space opera to life. A new report has confirmed the Marvel Studios actress is developing an anime series, and … Read more

8 best anime film adaptations (and the 7 worst)

The most popular and iconic anime shows tend to stay in their midst for good reason. Certain dialogues, narrative techniques, and even emotional weight can only be achieved through anime. This is not to say that live-action anime adaptations are not good, but rather that they are more difficult to pull off successfully. RELATED: The … Read more

Reasons to watch “Star Wars: Visions”, the galactic war anime

THE ANGELS.- “Star Wars: Visions” leads to galactic war to an ambitious animated series with anime style, to form the exclusive catalog of the platform Disney+. “It is exciting to see all these legendary anime studios tackle a saga as iconic as ‘Star Wars’ “, he values Henry Golding, actor of films such as “Crazy … Read more

The Squid Game | Squid Game | Kaiji: the stressful anime you must see if you liked the Korean series | Crunchyroll | Netflix | EC Stories | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more The Korean “The Squid Game”(“ Squid Game ”) took the world by surprise when it premiered on Netflix at the end of September, thanks to its combination of action, suspense and clear iconography; but also because of how it offers another context to seemingly harmless games. If you … Read more

“Star Wars” embraces the spell of anime with “Star Wars: Visions”

STAR WARS Los Angeles (USA), Oct 2 (EFE) .- “Star Wars” embraces the mystery and magic of anime in “Star Wars: Visions”, an ambitious animated series on Disney + that crosses the stories of the saga galactic with the essence and unique style of Japanese animation. “It’s exciting to see all these legendary anime studios … Read more

In ‘Star Wars: Visions,’ Lucasfilm and anime join forces, and go rogue

What would happen if some of the most creative animation studios in Japan were let loose in a galaxy far, far away? In the anime anthology series “Star Wars: Visions,” Jedi warriors battle enemies with faces like they (a kind of Japanese demon), and straw-hatted droids inhabit feudal villages straight out of Akira Kurosawa’s classic … Read more

what is known about the live action version of the famous anime

What is known about the series of Cowboy Bebop that Netflix will release is little but promising. The leading platform will once again make the anime all in, transposing an undisputed classic from Japanese cartoons to a flesh and blood version. The series will be called Cowboy Bebop -like the anime-, and it can be … Read more

Guillermo del Toro’s saga returns to Netflix in anime form

Anime lovers are in luck because the Netflix streaming platform has just released the trailer for the animated series Pacific Rim: No Man’s Land based on the saga of well-known director Guillermo del Toro. In addition, Netflix has announced that it can be seen on its platform from next March 4, so its followers will … Read more