The art of smell: Research suggests the brain processes smell both like a painting and a symphony

Journal Reference: Zhen Chen, Krishnan Padmanabhan. Top-down feedback enables flexible coding strategies in the olfactory cortex. Cell Reports, 2022; 38 (12): 110545 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2022.110545 “These findings reveal a core principle of the nervous system, flexibility in the kinds of calculations the brain makes to represent aspects of the sensory world,” said Krishnan Padmanabhan, Ph.D., an … Read more

Brain waves reveal the active nature of engaging with art

Journal Reference: Wim Strijbosch, Edward A. Vessel, Dominik Welke, Ondrej Mitas, John Gelissen, Marcel Bastiaansen. On the Neuronal Dynamics of Aesthetic Experience: Evidence from Electroencephalographic Oscillatory Dynamics. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2022; 34 (3): 461 DOI: 10.1162/jocn_a_01812 Neurons in the human brain are constantly communicating. This communication relies on very fast oscillations. In order to … Read more

Doctor Strange 2 Fan Art Brings Tom Cruise’s Superior Iron Man to the MCU

Doctor Strange 2 Fan Art Brings Tom Cruises Superior Iron

There are fan-flamed rumors that the Mission Impossible actor will be joining the MCU as an Iron Man variant in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. A fan-made poster for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness imagines Tom Cruise as Superior Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The upcoming film will see Benedict Cumberbatch don his superhero cloak yet … Read more

Terry Bradley art piece featured in Sir Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast to be recreated as peace wall mural

Terry Bradley art piece featured in Sir Kenneth Branaghs Belfast

Artist Terry Bradley has said it’s an “incredible honour” to have one of his signature Dockers pieces featured in Sir Kenneth Branagh’s seven-times Oscar-nominated film Belfast. huge mural of the north Belfast man’s Docker’s Rest at Hickson’s Point, Titanic Belfast, appears at the start of the film, recreated in vivid blue and repositioned on a … Read more

Computers predict people’s tastes in art

Journal Reference: Kiyohito Iigaya, Sanghyun Yi, Iman A. Wahle, Koranis Tanwisuth, John P. O’Doherty. Aesthetic preference for art can be predicted from a mixture of low- and high-level visual features. Nature Human Behaviour, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41562-021-01124-6 The new study, appearing in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, utilized Amazon’s crowdsourcing platform Mechanical Turk to enlist more … Read more

Music in Goma, theater and dance in Bujumbura, contemporary art in Lyon: the cultural agenda of “Monde Afrique”

Music in Goma theater and dance in Bujumbura contemporary art

Every Friday, the cultural agenda of the World Africa offers you activities to follow or do on the continent, in France and elsewhere in the world. “Amani Festival”, from February 4 to 6 in Goma Congolese-Swedish singer Mohombi. AMANI FESTIVAL Every year, 30,000 festival-goers flock to the capital of North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic … Read more

Thierry Mugler or fashion as total art

Thierry Mugler or fashion as total art

Thierry Mugler, during the presentation of his exhibition “Couturissime” at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, February 26, 2019. MARTIN OUELLET-DIOTTE / AFP Thierry Mugler, who died on Sunday January 23 at the age of 73, had a destiny that only the world of fashion can create. An unparalleled life trajectory, which saw a man … Read more

Peter Knapp: “I was a little too radical, conceptual, Slavik loved the history of art in its entirety”

Peter Knapp I was a little too radical conceptual Slavik

Long-term surveys and spectacular fashion series, detailed portraits and good addresses … Every Sunday, find the offbeat look of “M Le magazine du Monde” on current affairs and style by subscribing to its newsletter. Peter Knapp photographed by Slavik at the age of 43 in 1974, in the restaurant L’Assiette au bœuf, in Paris. SLAVIK … Read more

Tom Holland slams Martin Scorsese over his comments on Marvel movies, they are ‘real art’

Tom Holland slams Martin Scorsese over his comments on Marvel

It has been two years since veteran filmmaker Martin Scorsese commented on superhero movies, claiming that they were `not cinema`. ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ actor Tom Holland recently weighed in to defend the Marvel films. Holland recently shared his thoughts on the Oscar-winning director`s critical remarks on the genre in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. … Read more

He does not know that Marvel is also art: Tom Holland responds to Martin Scorsese | Tomatazos

He does not know that Marvel is also art Tom

Tom Holland is in the prime of his career. Although he has been playing Peter Parker for several years now, the actor finally conquered all the fans with the premiere of Spider-Man: No Road Home – 92%. Beyond the return of great villains and other heroes highly anticipated by the audience, the character had the … Read more