Artificial cell membrane channels composed of DNA can be opened and locked with a key

Journal Reference: Swarup Dey, Adam Dorey, Leeza Abraham, Yongzheng Xing, Irene Zhang, Fei Zhang, Stefan Howorka, Hao Yan. A reversibly gated protein-transporting membrane channel made of DNA. Nature Communications, 2022; 13 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-28522-2 In new research, Arizona State University professor Hao Yan, along with ASU colleagues and international collaborators from University College London describe … Read more

Self-propelled, endlessly programmable artificial cilia

Journal Reference: Shucong Li, Michael M. Lerch, James T. Waters, Bolei Deng, Reese S. Martens, Yuxing Yao, Do Yoon Kim, Katia Bertoldi, Alison Grinthal, Anna C. Balazs, Joanna Aizenberg. Self-regulated non-reciprocal motions in single-material microstructures. Nature, 2022; 605 (7908): 76 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-022-04561-z Now, researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied … Read more

Can artificial intelligence reveal why languages change over time?

Journal Reference: Naomi Caselli, Corrine Occhino, Bruno Artacho, Andreas Savakis, Matthew Dye. Perceptual optimization of language: Evidence from American Sign Language. Cognition, 2022; 224: 105040 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2022.105040 Deaf studies scholar Naomi Caselli and a team of researchers found that American Sign Language (ASL) signs that are challenging to perceive — those that are rare or … Read more

Artificial hail for more accurate weather forecasts

Journal Reference: Karoline Diehl, Florian Zanger, Miklós Szakáll, Andrew Heymsfield, Stephan Borrmann. Vertical wind tunnel experiments and a theoretical study on the microphysics of melting low-density graupel. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 2021; DOI: 10.1175/JAS-D-21-0162.1 The vertical wind tunnel at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), which is the only one of its kind in the … Read more

Artificial neurons go quantum with photonic circuits

Journal Reference: Michele Spagnolo, Joshua Morris, Simone Piacentini, Michael Antesberger, Francesco Massa, Francesco Ceccarelli, Andrea Crespi, Roberto Osellame, Philip Walther, et al. Experimental photonic quantum memristor. Nature Photonics, 2022 DOI: 10.1038/s41566-022-00973-5 At the heart of all artificial intelligence applications are mathematical models called neural networks. These models are inspired by the biological structure of the … Read more

Study suggests association between consuming artificial sweeteners and increased cancer risk

Journal Reference: Charlotte Debras, Eloi Chazelas, Bernard Srour, Nathalie Druesne-Pecollo, Younes Esseddik, Fabien Szabo de Edelenyi, Cédric Agaësse, Alexandre De Sa, Rebecca Lutchia, Stéphane Gigandet, Inge Huybrechts, Chantal Julia, Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot, Benjamin Allès, Valentina A. Andreeva, Pilar Galan, Serge Hercberg, Mélanie Deschasaux-Tanguy, Mathilde Touvier. Artificial sweeteners and cancer risk: Results from the NutriNet-Santé population-based cohort … Read more

Artificial intelligence to bring museum specimens to the masses

Journal Reference: Abraham Nieva de la Hidalga, Paul L. Rosin, Xianfang Sun, Laurence Livermore, James Durrant, James Turner, Mathias Dillen, Alicia Musson, Sarah Phillips, Quentin Groom & Alex Hardisty. Cross-validation of a semantic segmentation network for natural history collection specimens. Machine Vision and Applications, 2022 DOI: 10.1007/s00138-022-01276-z A team from Cardiff University is using state-of-the-art … Read more

Artificial intelligence tool may help predict heart attacks

Journal Reference: Andrew Lin, Nipun Manral, Priscilla McElhinney, Aditya Killekar, Hidenari Matsumoto, Jacek Kwiecinski, Konrad Pieszko, Aryabod Razipour, Kajetan Grodecki, Caroline Park, Yuka Otaki, Mhairi Doris, Alan C Kwan, Donghee Han, Keiichiro Kuronuma, Guadalupe Flores Tomasino, Evangelos Tzolos, Aakash Shanbhag, Markus Goeller, Mohamed Marwan, Heidi Gransar, Balaji K Tamarappoo, Sebastien Cadet, Stephan Achenbach, Stephen J … Read more

Artificial intelligence paves the way to discovering new rare-earth compounds

Journal Reference: Prashant Singh, Tyler Del Rose, Guillermo Vazquez, Raymundo Arroyave, Yaroslav Mudryk. Machine-learning enabled thermodynamic model for the design of new rare-earth compounds. Acta Materialia, 2022; 229: 117759 DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2022.117759 Ames Lab has been a leader in rare-earths research since the middle of the 20th century. Rare earth elements have a wide range of … Read more

One step closer to artificial rhino eggs

Journal Reference: Vera Zywitza, Ejona Rusha, Dmitry Shaposhnikov, Jorge Ruiz-Orera, Narasimha Telugu, Valentyna Rishko, Masafumi Hayashi, Geert Michel, Lars Wittler, Jan Stejskal, Susanne Holtze, Frank Göritz, Robert Hermes, Jichang Wang, Zsuzsanna Izsvák, Silvia Colleoni, Giovanna Lazzari, Cesare Galli, Thomas B. Hildebrandt, Katsuhiko Hayashi, Sebastian Diecke, Micha Drukker. Naïve-like pluripotency to pave the way for saving … Read more