From Tom Cruise to Madonna

Ever since Tom Cruise stepped out at a baseball game last weekend, fans have speculated whether the round-faced, chubby-cheeked look he revealed was the result of aging or a recent assignation with a syringe. They couldn’t figure out if the 59-year-old “Mission Impossible” star had been raiding the refrigerator — or opted for the risky business … Read more

Priyanka Chopra tells us about her beauty and makeup tricks

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Celia Lora gives a chair of elegance and beauty to Angelina Jolie

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Emilia Clarke shares her best beauty secret

We all agree on this, including actress Emilia Clarke: morning beauty routines help us wake up and reactivate our skin after a long, restful night’s sleep. But they consume much of our precious time. It is precisely in the early morning when the body starts up and our brain mentally goes through at full speed, … Read more

25 photos of the pure beauty of Liam Hemsworth

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Kate Moss’ daughter proves she inherited her mother’s beauty

Kate Moss’ daughter proves she inherited her mother’s beauty By: Drafting mui October 04, 2021 09:32 hs Lila Grace, daughter of British supermodel Kate Moss, he follows in his mother’s footsteps very closely. She is already an icon in the fashion industry, recently shown during Fashion Week in Milan, Italy. From the hand of Miu … Read more

Naomi Watts, her wellness routine and Oreo cookies

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