Climate change affects animal behavior

Journal Reference: Rachel L. Gunn, Ian R. Hartley, Adam C. Algar, Petri T. Niemelä, Sally A. Keith. Understanding behavioural responses to human‐induced rapid environmental change: a meta‐analysis. Oikos, 2021; DOI: 10.1111/oik.08366 With the help of data collected on a little over one hundred animal species, researchers from the University of Helsinki and Lancaster University studied … Read more

The Nobel Prize in Physics rewards two experts in the physical modeling of climate change and a theorist

The Nobel Prize in Physics rewards two experts in the

One year after rewarding a trio of galactic black hole experts, the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics is once again awarded to three scientists: two experts in the physical modeling of climate change, the American-Japanese Syukuro Manabe and the German Klaus Hasselmann, as well as the Italian Giorgio Parisi, theorist of complex physical systems, announced … Read more

Antoine Pelissolo: “Climate change can generate pre-traumatic stress, in anticipation of disaster”

Antoine Pelissolo Climate change can generate pre traumatic stress in anticipation

“The Emotions of Climate Change”, the latest work by Professor Antoine Pelissolo and Doctor Célie Massini. FLAMMARION Professor Antoine Pelissolo is head of the psychiatry department at Henri-Mondor and Albert-Chenevier hospitals (AP-HP, Créteil). His latest work, Emotions of climate change (Flammarion, 220 pages, 19 euros), co-written with the psychiatric intern Célie Massini, explores the direct … Read more