Church of Sweden manages concentration risk

The SEK10 billion Church of Sweden fund invests all its assets through a sustainability lens. It’s had stellar performance driven largely by a chunk of the fund invested in the Generation Investment Management global equity fund, an investment that was diluted last year to manage concentration risk. Amanda White spoke to CIO, Anders Thorendal. Until … Read more

Tom Cruise On A Mission To Save Scientology, Worries John Travolta is Distancing from Church

Is Tom Cruise worried his fellow Scientologist John Travolta is distancing himself from the church? According to one tabloid, the church is trying to attract more celebrities. Let’s take a look at the story. Tom Cruise on Mission To Save Scientology. A recent edition of Woman’s Day reports Tom Cruise is worried about the fate … Read more

TODAY newspaper | Delon and French cinema say goodbye to Belmondo in Parisian church

Who September 08, 2021 Venecia, Italia. Como un grito de dolor, el cine latinoamericano denuncia en el festival de cine de Venecia injusticias, racismo, clasismo y esclavitud moderna, con imágenes tan realistas que sacuden al espectador. Fuente: AFP/Kelly Velasquez “Es agobiante esa historia”, comenta aún impresionada la cinéfila italiana Silvana Sari, 65 años, tras asistir … Read more

Former Los Angeles Church of Christian Science president sentenced to 11 years for stealing $ 11 million from congregation

By Nicole Alcindor, CP Contributor | Wednesday, September 03, 2021 Unsplash/Bill Oxford The former chairman of the board of a Christian Science church in California has been sentenced to 11 years in federal prison for stealing $ 11.4 million from his Los Angeles congregation. From August 2006 to December 2016, Charles Thomas Sebesta, 56, of … Read more

the chronicle of the journalistic investigation that revealed to the world the hidden horror of the abuses in the Catholic Church

KERRY HAYES Michael Keaton will be 70 years old on Sunday, September 5. In the most recent stretches of a long career in the cinema that saw ups and downs but also, undoubtedly, exhibited a few very high points, a role appears that to this day remains as unnoticed as it happened from the moment … Read more