4K/Blu-Ray Review: Kenneth Branagh’s “Death on the Nile” Keeps Agatha Christie’s Classic Novel Relevant for a New Generation

4KBlu Ray Review Kenneth Branaghs Death on the Nile Keeps Agatha

Oscar-winner Kenneth Branagh’s Hercule Poirot franchise is two-for-two with the follow-up to the hit screen adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic detective. A follow up to 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile repeats the succefful formula by fleshing out the world with a star-studded cast while finding layers within the text to keep … Read more

La Haine: The French classic turns 25 and is still as relevant as when it premiered

La Haine The French classic turns 25 and is still

Photo: Canal+ Hate It is 25 years old and today it seems more current than ever in its political, ideological and visibility objectives. Released in 1995, this French film whose title was translated as Hatred, recounts the entire day of three friends belonging to the Parisian suburbs. Meanwhile Abdel, another friend, is hospitalized in a … Read more

An Unforgettable Anthony Hopkins Classic: How The Silence of the Fools Envisioned

An Unforgettable Anthony Hopkins Classic How The Silence of the

The film industry has undisputed figures, such as the case of Anthony Hopkins. The 84-year-old Welsh actor won his second Oscar thanks to what he did in The Father at the Hand of Florian Zeller, but if we have to talk about unforgettable roles, one of the most important of his career was the one … Read more

Robert Mitchum: The cynical and skeptical gaze of classic cinema

Robert Mitchum he laughed at his own success. “What’s good about this job is that you start at nine in the morning; you finish at six in the afternoon; they pay you every Friday; they tell you what to do; They tell you what to say, and that’s it, that’s it. There are no more … Read more

6 Classic Christmas Movie Recommendations to Accompany Family Gatherings : Okezone Celebrity

6 Classic Christmas Movie Recommendations to Accompany Family Gatherings

JAKARTA – Christmas Holiday often spent watching movies with family who were gathered. From the feel of action to horror, here are Okayzone summarize classic Christmas movies that can accompany family gatherings at Christmas moments. 1. Home Alone Needless to say, the most iconic Christmas movie around the world is Home Alone. This film is … Read more

Curiosities | “Titanic”, a classic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, turns 24! – Designer Women

Curiosities Titanic a classic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate

Few films have achieved the legendary status of “Titanic,” a romantic epic directed and written by James Cameron. Released in 1997, the story incorporates both real and fictional elements to bring the tale of the RMS Titanic, a gigantic ocean liner that crashed into an iceberg and sank, becoming one of the greatest human disasters … Read more