George Clooney’s “The Tender Bar” finds Ben Affleck at a career-best but fails to enthrall – The Daily Free Press

Everyone grows up differently and is shaped by the people they surround themselves with. Everyone has their own coming-of-age story in different locations, scenarios and, of course, emotions. However, not many people can say they were raised around a bar. This experience is what “The Tender Bar,” the latest film from filmmaker and actor George … Read more

The Tender Bar: Ben Affleck piles on the charm in Clooney’s sombre Amazon drama

The Tender Bar Ben Affleck piles on the charm in

The Tender Bar (R16, 104mins) Directed by George Clooney ***½ Every 11-year-old needs an Uncle Charlie. Someone who will never let you win and is always going to tell your truth – even if you’re no good at sports. A man who will advise you to take care of your money – and your mother … Read more