Sanremo, who are the co-hosts who will support Amadeus

Sanremo who are the co hosts who will support Amadeus

Unveiled i names from the five women who will co-conduct the Sanremo Festival next to Amadeus. Each evening of the singing festival will see the presence of a different woman: Ornella Muti, Lorena Cesarini, Drusilla Foer, Maria Chiara Giannetta and Sabrina Ferilli. Read also – Sanremo 2022, Amadeus has unveiled the five co-hosts of the … Read more

Sanremo 2022, Amadeus to RTL: “To choose them, I listen to the songs everywhere”. On the co-hosts: “I’m dumb”

Sanremo 2022 Amadeus to RTL To choose them I listen

Announcements his Sanremo 2022. To communicate them is the conductor and artistic director, Amadeus, which to the microphones of RTL102.5 revealed some background on the wait event song, broadcast from 1 to 5 February 2022. «Among the young people, on average 800 songs plus those of the Sanremo Area, therefore about 50. I listen to … Read more