Deflate balloon, deflate. Rio leaves Costa talking to himself – Expresso

Deflate balloon deflate Rio leaves Costa talking to himself

In the square next to Coimbra’s town hall, hundreds of people were huddled together. A musical group with the usual bass drums is positioned, the orange flags are distributed and the PSD stickers are still glued to the lapels: the set was set up for Rui Rio to put another coin on the carousel. Mónica … Read more

The cross-criticism of the debate on 9. Rio only targeted Costa, Catarina targeted the central block. And the socialist only spared PAN and Livre – Expresso

The cross criticism of the debate on 9 Rio only targeted

In the debate between all, this Monday night on RTP, there were no leaders immune to cross criticism, but António Costa was the preferred target: the prime minister was targeted by 43 interventions (one every two and a half minutes), with 14 evenly divided between Rui Rio and Catarina Martins, but closely followed by all … Read more

Antonio Costa vs. Rui Rio: the decisive debate – SIC Notícias

Antonio Costa vs Rui Rio the decisive debate SIC

The debate between António Costa, secretary general of the PS, and Rui Rio, president of the PSD, starts at 20:30, with an expected duration of 75 minutes, from the Capitólio cinema, in Lisbon. In the meantime, you can follow the broadcast of SIC Notícias live and the preparations for the debate. by the minute At … Read more

Catarina wanted honey, Costa saw gall and there was no possible consensus between the estranged partners

Catarina wanted honey Costa saw gall and there was no

You have free access to all the articles of the Observer for being our subscriber. An irresponsible, radical party that is “tired” of negotiating, that makes “ideological bravado” and blocks solutions. Facing the old contraption partner, this is how Antonio Costa defined the Bloco de Esquerda, radicalizing the party’s image as much as possible in … Read more