Moon Knight Director Criticizes Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Movie

Moon Knight Director Criticizes Dwayne Johnsons Black Adam Movie

Ancient Egypt is set to find its way into more than one superhero project in 2022 thanks to Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam from DC and Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight from Marvel Studios. Moon Knight is in the final stages of preparation for its imminent release on Disney+, even boasting a native Egyptian on its staff in … Read more

Repeal of corona rules: World Medical President criticizes “little judges” for judgments on 2 G

Repeal of corona rules World Medical President criticizes little judges

WSenior physician Frank Ulrich Montgomery has sharply criticized Richter for judging corona measures. “I bump into the fact that little judges stand up and, like in Lower Saxony, 2 G in the retail trade because they do not consider it proportionate,” said Montgomery of the newspaper Die Welt, according to an advance notice on Sunday. … Read more