Cruelty vs. cultural respect in Canada’s colonial courts

On Sept. 28, a court injunction in British Columbia was momentously struck down by a B.C. Supreme Court judge, when Justice Douglas Thompson ruled the Fairy Creek injunction — against protesters protecting old-growth forests — was bringing the court itself into disrepute. Yet in other B.C. courtrooms over recent months, denigration of Indigenous cultures and … Read more

On my radar: Roy Williams’s cultural highlights | Culture

Roy Williams was born in London in 1968 and raised in Notting Hill. He studied writing at Rose Bruford college and his plays include Death of England and Sucker Punch, which won the 2010 Alfred Fagon award. He received an OBE in 2008. Williams’s new play, History, will be premiered by Pitlochry Festival theatre and … Read more

Delightful Comedy ‘Another Round’ Analyzes Our Cultural Relationship To Alcohol

In any normal year, the delightful Danish comedy “Another Round” would already be in the middle of a months-long run at area arthouses. It’s the kind of crowd-pleasing import that used to arrive with little fanfare and then a few weeks later you’re suddenly hearing about it from your parents’ friends who never go to … Read more