Josh Brolin talks about his possible return as Cable in the MCU

Due to adaptation rights, it is not uncommon for us to see some actors taking different roles in superhero films. Chris Evans had already starred in The Fantastic Four (2005) – 27% before Captain America: The First Avenger – 79%; Michael B. Jordan with The Fantastic Four – 29% and then Black Panther – 90%, … Read more

Deadpool 3: Creator of the antihero prefers not to share previews of the film for fear of the consequences

In 2016 the premiere of Deadpool – 84% made a notable difference in superhero movies with their R rating, which they knew how to use efficiently. With graphic images and a character far from being virtuous, the film starring Ryan Reynolds exceeded expectations and had a significant impact on the audience, who not only empathized … Read more

Deadpool 2: Green Lantern Writer Responds To Ryan Reynolds For Post-Credits Scene

Deadpool, the popular Marvel Comics mercenary, had been unlucky enough to be brought to the big screen in 2009 as Ryan Reynolds. The version presented in theaters had nothing to do with the real character, but it was the same actor who played him that time who was in charge of redeeming him in 2016 … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown could be in talks to be part of Deadpool 3

In recent years Ryan Reynolds has had a busy schedule in terms of film projects on his doorstep, some in full production, others that are about to be released and others that are still on the waiting list. Despite this, the actor still has a pending franchise, which although it is his most iconic character … Read more

Deadpool creator makes misogynistic criticism of Birds of Prey and burns it in networks

Harley Quinn’s solo film, where the superheroines known as Birds of Prey appear as secondary characters, has surprised everyone because it failed to meet box office box office expectations and is already shaping up to be Warner Bros. ‘first failure in this anus. Rob Liefeld, a comic book writer famous for being the creator of … Read more

DC responds to Ryan Reynolds for his tease in Deadpool 2 trailer

Yesterday Deadpool 2 – 85% surprised us with his irreverent action-packed trailer, where once again Ryan Reynolds showed us why his character was so successful in the first film, as he makes fun not only of the “competition” but of the X-Men cinematic universe. of which it is a part. You may also like: Ryan … Read more

TJ Miller could spend five years in jail for a practical joke

TJ Miller is a comedian who, although known in certain circles, was still trying to build his career. His work on the Silicon Valley series – 100% was well received by the public and his participation in Deadpool – 84% were appreciated by association. However, then came the disaster of Emoji – The Movie – … Read more

Ryan Reynolds confirms that TJ Miller will not be in X-Force

At the end of 2017, the name of TJ Miller made the headlines of the most important media in the world. Actor from the hit series Silicon Valley – 100%, also known for playing Wade Wilson’s friend in Deadpool – 84% and its aftermath were accused by a former college classmate of sexual assault when … Read more

Zachary Levi wants to be Mr. Fantastic and says his dream was to be Deadpool

In recent years the DC film universe, better known as the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), has enjoyed a better critical reception than it did with its first three films; one of the highest rated to date is Shazam! – 88%, a film that was not a huge box office success but received critical and fan … Read more

Karl Urban could play another Marvel character

It’s always interesting to hear actors’ opinions on their characters, especially when they play superheroes with powers that are impossible in real life. A few days ago we learned that Zazie Beetz would like Domino to be with Harley Quinn, or Iron Man, something practically impossible right now. Now Karl Urban has come out to … Read more