The cross-criticism of the debate on 9. Rio only targeted Costa, Catarina targeted the central block. And the socialist only spared PAN and Livre – Expresso

The cross criticism of the debate on 9 Rio only targeted

In the debate between all, this Monday night on RTP, there were no leaders immune to cross criticism, but António Costa was the preferred target: the prime minister was targeted by 43 interventions (one every two and a half minutes), with 14 evenly divided between Rui Rio and Catarina Martins, but closely followed by all … Read more

Antonio Costa vs. Rui Rio: the decisive debate – SIC Notícias

Antonio Costa vs Rui Rio the decisive debate SIC

The debate between António Costa, secretary general of the PS, and Rui Rio, president of the PSD, starts at 20:30, with an expected duration of 75 minutes, from the Capitólio cinema, in Lisbon. In the meantime, you can follow the broadcast of SIC Notícias live and the preparations for the debate. by the minute At … Read more

‘Thanks to Timmermans, organic is now part of the social debate’ – Maaike de Reuver interviews Michaël Wilde, director of Bionext – Foodlog

Thanks to Timmermans organic is now part of the social

Maaike de Reuver: What developments do you see in the organic sector? Michaël Wilde: “Since the European Union announced in May 2021 that 25% of Europe’s agricultural land must be organic by 2030 (which is still 8%, and 5% in the Netherlands – ed.), the image of the organic sector completely changed. This announcement by … Read more

RTP3 debate. CDS and Liberal Initiative diverge on state support but both rule out Chega

RTP3 debate CDS and Liberal Initiative diverge on state support

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos and Cotrim de Figueiredo were face to face at RTP3, in a debate where the State’s supporters started out on the table. The CDS leader accused the Liberal Initiative of not worrying about the underprivileged and Cotrim Figueiredo found that this was also a criticism coming from the Left Bloc. “When … Read more

Resolving the black hole ‘fuzzball or wormhole’ debate

Journal Reference: Bin Guo, Marcel R. R. Hughes, Samir D. Mathur, Madhur Mehta. Contrasting the fuzzball and wormhole paradigms for black holes. Turkish Journal of Physics, 2021 [abstract] The study attempts to put to rest the debate over Stephen Hawking’s famous information paradox, the problem created by Hawking’s conclusion that any data that enters a … Read more