These solar panels pull in water vapor to grow crops in the desert

Journal Reference: Renyuan Li, Mengchun Wu, Sara Aleid, Chenlin Zhang, Wenbin Wang, Peng Wang. An integrated solar-driven system produces electricity with fresh water and crops in arid regions. Cell Reports Physical Science, 2022; 100781 DOI: 10.1016/j.xcrp.2022.100781 “A fraction of the world’s population still doesn’t have access to clean water or green power, and many of … Read more

Iodine in desert dust destroys ozone

Journal Reference: Theodore K. Koenig, Rainer Volkamer, Eric C. Apel, James F. Bresch, Carlos A. Cuevas, Barbara Dix, Edwin W. Eloranta, Rafael P. Fernandez, Samuel R. Hall, Rebecca S. Hornbrook, R. Bradley Pierce, J. Michael Reeves, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Kirk Ullmann. Ozone depletion due to dust release of iodine in the free troposphere. Science Advances, 2021; … Read more

Desert shrubs cranked up water use efficiency to survive a megadrought

Journal Reference: Steven A. Kannenberg, Avery W. Driscoll, Paul Szejner, William R. L. Anderegg, James R. Ehleringer. Rapid increases in shrubland and forest intrinsic water-use efficiency during an ongoing megadrought. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2021; 118 (52): e2118052118 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2118052118 “The Southwest is in a really dry period,” says Steven Kannenberg, postdoctoral … Read more