Smoke from major wildfires destroys the ozone layer

Journal Reference: Peter Bernath, Chris Boone, Jeff Crouse. Wildfire smoke destroys stratospheric ozone. Science, 2022; 375 (6586): 1292 DOI: 10.1126/science.abm5611 Atmospheric chemists from the University of Waterloo found that smoke from the Australian wildfires of 2019 and 2020 destroyed atmospheric ozone in the Southern Hemisphere for months. The ozone shield is a part of the … Read more

Iodine in desert dust destroys ozone

Journal Reference: Theodore K. Koenig, Rainer Volkamer, Eric C. Apel, James F. Bresch, Carlos A. Cuevas, Barbara Dix, Edwin W. Eloranta, Rafael P. Fernandez, Samuel R. Hall, Rebecca S. Hornbrook, R. Bradley Pierce, J. Michael Reeves, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Kirk Ullmann. Ozone depletion due to dust release of iodine in the free troposphere. Science Advances, 2021; … Read more