Disasters could disrupt care for opioid use disorder in most vulnerable communities

Journal Reference: Paul J. Joudrey, Marynia Kolak, Qinyun Lin, Susan Paykin, Vidal Anguiano, Emily A. Wang. Assessment of Community-Level Vulnerability and Access to Medications for Opioid Use Disorder. JAMA Network Open, 2022; 5 (4): e227028 DOI: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.7028 The research team, led by Paul Joudrey, MD, MPH, assistant professor of medicine (general medicine); and Yale Drug … Read more

Chemical pollutants disrupt reproduction in anemonefish

Journal Reference: Jose A. Gonzalez, Abigail R. Histed, Ewelina Nowak, Dominica Lange, Sarah E. Craig, Coltan G. Parker, Achint Kaur, Supriya Bhuvanagiri, Kevin J. Kroll, Christopher J. Martyniuk, Nancy D. Denslow, Cheryl S. Rosenfeld, Justin S. Rhodes. Impact of bisphenol-A and synthetic estradiol on brain, behavior, gonads and sex hormones in a sexually labile coral … Read more