The crazy cameo of 1 × 03 of The Boba Fett book drives Star Wars fans crazy

The crazy cameo of 1 × 03 of The Boba

MADRID, Jan 12. (CultureLeisure) – With its third chapter, The Boba Fett Book continues to incorporate both well-known characters from the Star Wars universe like new faces. And among the latter is an actor whose cameo in the latest installment of the Disney+ series has excited fans of the series. ((ATTENTION: THIS NEWS CONTAINS SPOILERS)) … Read more

New research shows gene exchange between viruses and hosts drives evolution

Journal Reference: Nicholas A. T. Irwin, Alexandros A. Pittis, Thomas A. Richards, Patrick J. Keeling. Systematic evaluation of horizontal gene transfer between eukaryotes and viruses. Nature Microbiology, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41564-021-01026-3 HGT is the movement of genetic material between disparate groups of organisms, rather than by the “vertical” transmission of DNA from parent to offspring. Previous … Read more