Starting antiretroviral therapy early essential to battling not one, but two killers

Journal Reference: Riti Sharan, Shashank R. Ganatra, Allison N. Bucsan, Journey Cole, Dhiraj K. Singh, Xavier Alvarez, Maya Gough, Cynthia Alvarez, Alyssa Blakley, Justin Ferdin, Rajesh Thippeshappa, Bindu Singh, Ruby Escobedo, Vinay Shivanna, Edward J. Dick, Shannan Hall-Ursone, Shabaana A. Khader, Smriti Mehra, Jyothi Rengarajan, Deepak Kaushal. Antiretroviral therapy timing impacts latent tuberculosis infection reactivation … Read more

PNA-based technique an essential part of the gene editing toolkit

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7 Essential Movie Performances By Julia Roberts

7 Essential Movie Performances By Julia Roberts

Since the late 1980s, Julia Roberts (Runaway Bride) and her dazzling smile have brightened screens large and small worldwide. While her classic beauty quickly sealed her fate as one of America’s most beloved sweethearts, the powerful chemistry she’s channeled across her diverse array of film and television projects to date proves her acting prowess time … Read more

The essential comedy movies of 2021: starring Ryan Reynolds, Timothée Chalamet, Kristen Wiig and more

The essential comedy movies of 2021 starring Ryan Reynolds Timothee

article Left: Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig in “Barb and Star Go to Vista del Mar,” Ryan Reynolds in “Free Guy.” Center: Timothée Chalamet in “The French Dispatch.” Right: Ed Helms and Patti Harrison in “Together Together,” Kuhoo Verma and Victoria Moroles i CHICAGO – We needed a laugh in 2021, and thankfully the movies … Read more

Medical cannabis can reduce essential tremor: Turns on overlooked cells in central nervous system

Journal Reference: Eva Maria Meier Carlsen, Sarah Falk, Urszula Skupio, Laurie Robin, Antonio C. Pagano Zottola, Giovanni Marsicano, Jean-François Perrier. Spinal astroglial cannabinoid receptors control pathological tremor. Nature Neuroscience, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41593-021-00818-4 Cannabinoids are compounds found in cannabis and in the central nervous system. Using a mouse model, the researchers have demonstrated that a specific … Read more