First animals developed complex ecosystems before the Cambrian explosion

Journal Reference: Rebecca Eden, Andrea Manica, Emily G. Mitchell. Metacommunity analyses show an increase in ecological specialisation throughout the Ediacaran period. PLOS Biology, 2022; 20 (5): e3001289 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3001289 The first animals evolved towards the end of the Ediacaran period, around 580 million years ago. However, the fossil record shows that after an initial boom, … Read more

Explosion on a white dwarf observed

Journal Reference: Ole König, Jörn Wilms, Riccardo Arcodia, Thomas Dauser, Konrad Dennerl, Victor Doroshenko, Frank Haberl, Steven Hämmerich, Christian Kirsch, Ingo Kreykenbohm, Maximilian Lorenz, Adam Malyali, Andrea Merloni, Arne Rau, Thomas Rauch, Gloria Sala, Axel Schwope, Valery Suleimanov, Philipp Weber, Klaus Werner. X-ray detection of a nova in the fireball phase. Nature, 2022; 605 (7909): … Read more

Hunga volcano eruption provides an explosion of data

Journal Reference: Robin S. Matoza, David Fee, Jelle D. Assink, Alexandra M. Iezzi, David N. Green, Keehoon Kim, Liam Toney, Thomas Lecocq, Siddharth Krishnamoorthy, Jean-Marie Lalande, Kiwamu Nishida, Kent L. Gee, Matthew M. Haney, Hugo D. Ortiz, Quentin Brissaud, Léo Martire, Lucie Rolland, Panagiotis Vergados, Alexandra Nippress, Junghyun Park, Shahar Shani-Kadmiel, Alex Witsil, Stephen Arrowsmith, … Read more

Emelec se lució en la Explosión Azul con la victoria 1-0 ante Millonarios de Colombia en el estadio George Capwell | Fútbol | Deportes

Emelec se lucio en la Explosion Azul con la victoria.jfif

El Club Sport Emelec se reencontró en el estadio George Capwell con su hinchada la noche de este miércoles y no defraudó. En la Explosión Azul se vivió una verdadera fiesta por el espectáculo artístico y la victoria 1-0 sobre Millonarios de Colombia. Los seguidores del cuadro azul y plomo se retiraron de su fortín … Read more

Explosion on the Dakar 2022: investigation opened by the National Anti-terrorism Prosecutor’s Office

Stéphane Peterhansel’s car on the Dakar 2022 rally-raid from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), January 1, 2022. FRANCK FIFE / AFP His relatives hammered that it was an attack, when the authorities did not rule out any clues. The explosion that “Hit the vehicle occupied by a crew of five French” and seriously injured the driver Philippe … Read more