‘Grease’ is accused of “sexist” and “homophobic” and Olivia Newton-John Responds: “Let’s relax”

Grease is accused of sexist and homophobic and Olivia Newton John

The fervor of to demand not stop While a few months ago there was an angry mass that defended that gone With the Wind should be censored for being racist or that Disney had to eliminate some of its classics because of the portrait it made of its characters, now the target of some tweeters … Read more

‘La Vanguardia’ revives ‘Grease’ in scoop

La Vanguardia revives Grease in scoop

Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson celebrate 50 years of romance. Half a century of that back and forth adolescent love story. From the adventures of the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies with drive-in sessions, risky car races, love affairs and the traditional prom. Of the leather jackets and polka dot skirts. Of the gel and … Read more

8 curiosities that you did not know about the mythical musical “Grease”

8 curiosities that you did not know about the mythical

Leather jackets, cadillacs, an institute that never misses an opportunity to make its students sing and dance and, in the middle, a romance between a bad boy and an angelic girl. 2021 marks 50 years since the musical ‘Grease’ first made its debut on the Chicago stage. Half a century of gel, catchy songs and … Read more